Crochet for beginners

I have been taking crochet classes at a new local yarn store since June.  My mother taught me the basics of crochet as a child but much of those lessons were forgotten. So I thought.

Apparently crocheting is like riding a bike.  You never really forget and it comes back to you relatively quickly.

I created a couple videos (I have more in the works) featuring the basics of crochet so that if I ever forget again, I will have the ability to look back and see how it's done. Fall is right around the corner so I am sharing them with you as crocheting provides great fall and winter projects.

Well here they are! Nothing fancy, just the down and dirty.

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  1. Christy Says:

    I started crocheting last spring and plan on doing more this fall and winter (the summer is just too busy). I hope to make a dog sweater for Roxie but it may take me all winter! She is a great dane and weighs just over 120 lbs. Thanks for sharing your videos on the basics.

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