Canning Zucchini Relish, reduced sugar recipe and review

         It's that time of year again, the time where zucchini is coming in at full force. The time of year that you can check your plants one day and see nothing then the very next day, you find a mutant two footer. 
         With the overgrown mutants, I love making Zucchini Relish. Quite a few of my blog visitors have asked about a low or reduced sugar recipe.  Until today, I haven't had a clear answer as to what the taste impact would be by reducing the sugar.
          I started by reducing the amount of sugar by 1 cup (the recipe calls for 3 cups total).  I let the complete mix process for 20 minutes and gave it a taste test.  Typically I have a hard time staying out of the relish before its processed but not this time.  I found the relish tart.  Much too tart for my taste. 
          I couldn't can it that way. My family would never eat it and it would go to waste.  I figured I attempt to stay the reduced sugar route and added a 1/2 cup more.  This made the recipe tolerable with a passable amount of sweetness.  In my opinion, if you are wanting to reduce the amount of sugar, only reduce it 1/2 cup.
          Conclusion, even though I have tried to reduce the amount of sugar in other canning recipes, this one is simply not one to mess with.  It is beyond good and the most excellent addition to any chicken, hot dog, hamburger and more. 

Here is the orginal recipe.  It is wonderful and makes a wonderful gift...that is if you can part with it.

Crochet for beginners

I have been taking crochet classes at a new local yarn store since June.  My mother taught me the basics of crochet as a child but much of those lessons were forgotten. So I thought.

Apparently crocheting is like riding a bike.  You never really forget and it comes back to you relatively quickly.

I created a couple videos (I have more in the works) featuring the basics of crochet so that if I ever forget again, I will have the ability to look back and see how it's done. Fall is right around the corner so I am sharing them with you as crocheting provides great fall and winter projects.

Well here they are! Nothing fancy, just the down and dirty.