Worm murderer

That is me.  I apparently have a green thumb but not a brown one.  My worms, save a handful, have perished.  Being that I carefully followed the rules on how and what to feed them, I failed in the department of their environment.

I had been placing the worm home under my deck, in the shade, out of the direct sunlight.  This rule I broke a couple days in a row a several weeks ago.  During one of the warm spells, I moved the worms indoors as they should not be outside in temps over 80 degrees.  When I moved them back outside, I set them on my deck, in the sunlight and forgot to move them for 2 days. The temps were in the 90's during that time.  Yep, you got it...fried worms.

So I am off to purchase more.  I feel so bad that I failed them and a little frustrated with myself as I should have some good compost to work with by now.

The worms that survived the heat torcher, are now residing in my basement as the temps outside have been nothing below 90 degrees.  I have noticed that other critters have come along to join them.  Unwanted bugs.  If any of you have a worm farm, could you offer suggestions on how to keep the unwanted away from my bin?  I do have the understanding that the worms will have to be inside permanently during the winter so I would like to elevate this problem now.

I am looking forward to suggestions...while I go visit the worm store.
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  1. You may have a decent hatching from their eggs. I too have an outdoor bin filled with other critters. Just found black soldier fly larvae. Yuck.

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