Tips from my followers

I have been terrible at posting regularly and I have a gazillion things to share.  Today however, I want to share with you a collection of tips that a couple awesome followers have posted on my blog.

1. Ms. Christal posted on my Zucchini Relish canning recipe an alternative.

       "I've made two batches of this so far. Very, very good. I halve the amount of sugar and used 1/2 summer squash, 1/2 zukes in my second batch."

I love the idea of using less sugar and what a great way to use up some of the summer squash.

2.  On my cucumber bread recipe, an Anon person suggested to grill the bread using seasoning salt and a George Foreman.  Doesn't that sound delicious!  My husband does this with banana bread and it is amazing.

3.  I received a very nice email from Michelle regarding my lack of strawberries (mentioned here).  I have since torn out the plants.  They really were not in an ideal location and would shoot off their little plants everywhere I didn't want them.  Anyway, here is Ms. Michelle's tip on now to get a fantastic strawberry harvest.

     "I read an article from the University of Minnesota and it said to put a balanced fertilizer on your patch 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 on before they bloom and then not again until next year.  I followed that this year and have a freezer full of jam."

Ms. Michelle sent some images of the before and after.  With her permission, I will share the images with you.  Check back for the update.

Anyway,  I love hearing all of your wonderful tips.  We all can learn from each other so I hope you find them just as useful as I have.

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  1. I had never heard of cucumber bread before. I will have to try that!

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