Vertical Potato tower and garden ramblings.

I was inspired to revisit growing potatoes vertically this year. Especially after seeing so many wonderful gardeners posting their inspiration on the massive time suck Pinterest.  I think my buddy Max would have been proud to see this creation. 

As you can see the potatoes are growing nicely out of the top and if you look close you can see the sprouts starting out the side as well.  They seemed to appear over night which for a gardener that checks her garden daily, those new finds were quite exciting.  I can hardly wait for the big reveal this fall.  I promise to take lots of pictures.

Have you planted potatoes this year and how did you plant them?

I haven't planted everything yet.  I still have carrots and zucchini, parsnips and beets.  So many things beyond that I can't wrap my mind around how much work I have left to do.  Herbs in particular desperately need to be planted. 

Beyond that I was a complete failure in terms of starting seeds this year.  I tried and tried and tried but between the 3 months of wedding decoration, I neglected them and they would get started and then die.  Then we decided to gut our living room so my time was focused elsewhere again.  The seed to die process happened 3 times.  So I have to go out and buy peppers which I haven't come to terms with as of yet.  At least I tried. 

I have been harvesting strawberries.  Just little guys and a handful at a time.  I believe that this will be my last year for strawberries and they have become more of a nuisance and really do not amount to anything other than a very small snack. 

Other than that, look below at how beautiful my sage is.  I just love my sage bush but a BUSH it has become.  I underestimated how incredibly large this sucker will become and need to trim it down.  Not that I will mind having all of that sage for tea.  YUM.

Oh, pray for rain.  While I will not complain about the absolutely incredibly wonderful weather we have been having, we are going on 2 weeks without rain.  My rain barrel needs filling although my 5 year old would much rather get soaked with garden watering duty. 

2 Responses
  1. Everything looks great. I tried the vertical potato thing last year but only got potatoes at the bottom. I skipped them this year since things heated up so quickly. I hope they work for you.

    I have to say I completely identify with your blog description! Looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Hello Coral! The potato tower is doing exceptionally well. I have to fight back the urge to dig in it to see how the potatoes are doing.

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