Red Wigglers

In my last post I was debating exactly the steps I should take to officially have a worm composter.  Should I build my own, should I just order a prebuilt one, etc?

When I figured in the time that it would take put one together and granted I don't have a lot of extra time, I splurged and purchased a prebuilt, 6 layer, outdoor composter, complete with 1000 red wigglers.  No one is more excited than my 5 year old daughter.  Her recent fascination and complete lack of fear of anything slimy that lives in the dirt makes a mama proud.  I see a future show and tell, involving dirt, worms and compost.  That will be a fun day.

Anyway, according to the site that I placed the order, they ship out every Monday and that the worms usually take 3 days to arrive.  So in my excitement I figured that the worms would be here today since I ordered last week.  I have been saving scraps of veggies instead of dumping them in my compost pile, let banana's go bad (and they are still sitting on my counter) and have been saving paper to be shredded for their bedding.  My daughter has been sharing my excitement and has asked every day when they will arrive.  Of course, we counted down the days and she went to school this morning thinking that by the end of the day, we would have 1000 new critters.

Boy was I wrong.  The company did in fact ship the worm composter this week, BUT the worms will not arrive until next week.  This is actually quite smart because I would hate for the worms to arrive before their home does.  Admittedly I am a little disappointed that we have to wait another week.  I know my daughter will be too but I'm sure once they arrive, the extra wait will be forgotten.

I will keep you updated on our adventures with the worms.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    This is soo cool. I can't wait for you to post photo! I've been debating whether I should get an indoor worm bin. I'm just afraid of fruit flies taking over the compost. Do you know of anyone that does this indoors?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How much did it cost? Looking forward to your experiences and planning to follow your lead! Helen

  3. Meems, I have notices that fruit flies are an issue and am currently looking for a solution. This has been quite the adventure for my daughter and me and I feel as if I have a ton to learn.

    Helen, I was able to find a 10% off coupon which helped a bit. It was over $100 including the worms. It did come with a great variety of useful tools and instructional video.

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