Getting dirty and vermicomposting questions

We have had beautiful weather these past couple days.  With the nice weather, I finally had a chance to go outside and start digging in the dirt until it was too dark to see.  I loved it and I truly missed it.  I love having my boots caked with mud, my jeans and shirt covered in dirt.  I love that when my husband walks by me, he takes care to wipe the dirt from my face.  

What I love more is that my daughter thinks that the garden is her playground.  She literally rolls around in the freshly tilled soil.  Buries herself in the dirt.  I love the fact that the garden is just as much a part of her as it is me.  She is my gardening partner.  

This year, my daughter and I have decided that we need to have a worm farm.  She was making worm homes out of broken pots and dirt.  I figured it was time to expand and give her a learning experience.  Traditionally I would make my own and from what I researched the process seems pretty easy.  I have to admit that I am very tempted to just buy one that is already made and go from there.  

I have heard that you can also place 5 gallon buckets throughout the garden with holes in the bottom which allows the worms to go out into the soil and fertilize along the way.  I would love to know if this works well so if any of you out there reading this have any advice please let me know.

I want to do something that is as easy as possible as my time is limited.  Especially during the summer.  Is a prebuilt one the way to go as far as sorting the castings and the tea?  I would love advice on where to start, what to do, etc.  I have access to an unlimited supply of composted cow and horse poo but I would rather not shovel and haul if I can avoid it.  Vermicomposting at home seems like the way to go.

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