How to make burlap roses

I have been asked quite a few times to create a how-to on making burlap flowers.  These beauties I am also incorporating into the flower arrangements at my cousins wedding. 
They are quite easy to make although they make take a few trys before  you have the process down.

Things you will need:
Hot Glue gun and glue
OR needle and thread.

-Try to cut the burlap along the weave to prevent any loose ends
-When creating large flowers, try to keep the "petals" towards the top. Hot glue the petal to secure shape.
Oh and if you have any scrap material laying around or extra ribbon...turn it into a flower using this same method.

Here is my first how-to video. Please excuse my voice as I am getting a cold. 

Enjoy and have fun!

How to make Ribbon Flowers

With my cousins upcoming ribbon flowers, I am making a variety of flowers by hand.  One style of flowers are ribbon flowers.  These are relatively easy to make and are incredibly pretty.
The above are a handful of the flowers that I made using Ombre style wired ribbon.

The supplies that you will need are

Wired Ribbon
(I recommend thin wire over thick wire. It is easier to work with and easier on your hands if you are doing multiples.)
Hot glue gun and/or Thread
(I have found that using hot glue is faster when doing multiples.)

Cut your ribbon.  To make the size of flowers above, I cut about 1 1/2 feet of ribbon. 

Start by pulling the wire out of one side of the ribbon while gathering the ribbon down the wire. 
TIP - Fold the edge that you are not pulling from over to prevent the ribbon from sliding on the wire

Pull the wire from both ends, gathering the ribbon tightly in the middle.
TIP - do not cut the wire off until the flower is complete.  The ribbon may slide off of the wire otherwise.

(please forgive my nasty glue thumb)

Start with one end of the gathered edge.  Fold a small amount over and secure with hot glue or thread.  Fold it in the opposite direction (kind of like a zig-zag) and secure with hot glue or thread. 

Begin wrapping the wired edge around the zig zag or center, gluing or securing with thread along the wire edge. 

Be sure to pull the material down to keep it out of the way while wrapping.

Here is another flower that has an edge that is easier to see.

You will want to secure the edge is not gathered in some way.  I hot glue the edge down to keep the wire in place. 

Open the flower up by moving the flower layers around.  Ta-da! You have a ribbon flower.

You can glue a backing on to the underside of the flower and affix it to a barrette.  This is one I made for my daughter.

Here are others that I have made using clearance Christmas ribbon.

I hope you have fun making these.  I know that I have.  I am working on a video on how to make burlap flowers.  I know! A video!

Inexpensive and unique bridal shower invitations

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I am creating the decorations for my cousin's upcoming wedding.  On top of that, my other cousin and I are throwing bride cousin a bridal shower. Confusing?

Since my cousin is having a vintage style wedding with lots of burlap, my dart cousin and I decided to keep with the theme for her bridal shower.  We came up with these invitations.

We cut the card stock to size, used random buttons, ribbon that is being used in wedding decorations and burlap scraps to put these together.  Armed with hot glue guns and about an hour, we assembled these for about $10.

Then there were the envelopes.  If we were to buy envelopes, we would have had to spend about $16.  At that time, I remembered that I had some lunch bags at home and thought they would make good envelopes.  Since I purchased these well over 5 years ago (they were in my craft drawer) I didn't count the cost in.  I think I spent around a dollar at that time.

Here is what the lunch bag envelopes looked like.  

We hot glued these shut as well.  Using the same card stock used for the invitations, I punched a circle and stamped it with my cousin's upcoming initial.  

I had one of the recipients call me today, an art teacher, she thought these were some of the cutest and most unique invitations that she has ever received.  My cousin, aunt and her future family members all loved them.  

Wait until they see the wedding.