I'm still here

I was looking at my blog today and noticed that I haven't posted since November.  My priorities have been elsewhere which has left me little time to keep my little blog.

Since my last post, I have traveled to Texas, Michigan, Arizona, and Colorado.  Traveling as you can imagine involves not only the travel portion but the prep and then recovering after being gone for days or even a week at a time.  All of those trips left little time for anything other than laundry and repacking. Couple that with Christmas, my sons birthday, increased job duties, kids activities and my winter hobby, darts, posting was left in the corner with the cobwebs.

Sunset in Nebraska on my way to Colorado. January 2012

Even though I'm not traveling until next month, my time is still limited.  I still have two jobs, darts and the best of all, I am creating the decorations for my cousins wedding coming up at the end of March.  I about died when she told me that she is having a vintage wedding.  To just about make me faint, she asked me to create the decorations for the reception.  I can't even put into writing how enormously excited I am that she has included me in her big day.  I have been plugging away hand making flowers for the tables in every spare minute that I have. 

Hand made burlap flower for bouquets.

So as you can see, my future posts may be limited.  I haven't even started seeds yet! (I may be ok since I suspect we might have snow in May) If I could only have 1 more hour a day.

4 Responses
  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    I love the flower! Nice to hear from you again. Don't worry, when you get time to blog, I'm sure all your followers will be here. Enjoy your family, your wedding duties, and of course, your darts!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    So glad to see you writing again! You'll have to post a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous flowers!

  3. Meems, thank you for the suggestion! I think I will. They are so easy and fun to make.

    Thank you Lori!

  4. Veggie PAK Says:

    That flower is very pretty. You are talented!

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