Update on New Pole Bean Area

I had posted a couple months ago about the new pole bean area the hubs had built for me.  Here is the original post.  And here is what the area looked like just as the beans were coming up.

This path was my favorite area from the beginning and continues to be my favorite place in the garden.  Look what it looks like now. 

Its a tunnel!

The vines are climbing nicely to the pergola above.

The beans are easy to reach and harvest since the hang within arms reach.

I have allowed some to go to seed to keep this area going year after year.

I have harvested close to 10 lbs so far from this area alone and with all of the bee activity around them, I'm sure to double that.

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  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    What a great idea! Can you give approximate sizes??? Will definitely be thinking of this next year. I could go from one bed to another, and maybe do cukes, too!

  2. Frugal Gardener Says:

    Hi Lori! I believe my husband made the planter boxes approximately 4'x8" (8 inches being the inside measurement where I planted the beans). I used one continuous piece of twine starting on one corner, looping it up to nail in the pergola beam, then back down to a nail on the same side about 3" away. I then took the twine over the dirt area to the opposite side and secured it with a nail and up to the pergola beam then down again. I hope that makes sense. The original post http://www.frugal-gardener.com/2011/07/new-pole-bean-area.html may help with a little visual on that. As to the support beams, the hubs mounted the pergola to the existing frame near our greenhouse. On the opposite end, he placed a post at the end of one of the boxes and the other over the garden path to create a secondary climbing space. (See the orginal post as you will be able to see the support post in the last picture. We just built it to fit our space and honestly I have been extremely pleased with its stability and the plants have responded well to it. I have also had two volunteer tomato plants take to it well and intertwined themselves in with the beans. I would have no doubt that if you used heavy twine that the cucumbers would grow beautifully. Oh, the planter boxes do not have a bottom. I placed them directly on the ground (dirt) to help with drainage and allow for the roots to go as deep as they please. I hope that helps. Maybe I need to do a little tutorial or something. Good luck with yours. I think I will be building another to the other enterance of the garden.

  3. Frugal Gardener Says:

    Oh Lori, also if you look at the original post at the last picture and click on it, you will be able to enlarge the picture, showing the chicken wire I placed on the pole for my cucumbers to grow. Cucumber beetles got to my plants before I could do anything about it so I wasn't able to see how it worked. There is always next year.

  4. meemsnyc Says:

    He built you a pergola? What an awesome husband.

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