My dream stock pot

My husband and I completed our hunters safety course this evening in a sportsman type store. After we received our certification, we took advantage of the large store and v-lined for the camping and grilling section.  The hubs has a bbq/smoker team so we always make a point to check out the goods.  I on the other hand check out the stainless steel dutch ovens and the outdoor cooking supplies. 

Tonight, my husband called me over to a shelf that apparently I absolutely had to see. What he saw made me gasp. My jaw literally dropped to the ground as I wrapped my arms around my next must have. The largest stock pot that I have ever seen was sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to take it home. It was 100 quart stock pot that would take up at the minimum 2 burners on my stove.

All I could think of is how many tomatoes at once I could fit into it and process. Having 138 tomato plants makes you think of these things you know. I also thought of how much soup I could make for my friends and family. All of the sweet corn I can blanch. Oh the opportunities!

In attempt to gain size perspective, I had to have the hubs help me out. Look how large the lid is! Oh, this is definitely on my wish list. Of course I need to find a place to store it in the off season and I have to make sure it will fit on my stove but wow. I think it will be somewhere in my house in the near future.

4 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Ooooh, that is a dream! I hope you get it! I would love a giant stockpot!! Especially during canning season.

  2. Dirt Lover Says:

    This reminds me of a monster pot we have here..... I think hubby bought it at a yard sale or something. It's so HUGE, (although not as big as the one you found) I could never begin to lift it when it's even half full. When he was little, my youngest would use the lid for a shield when he played outside. Although this would make the perfect pot for my pasta sauce I canned last year. I'll have to remember this next year!!

  3. GardenMom Says:

    Wow...I don't know if my electric stove could handle that. I have one that is really big, but not nearly as big as that. I wonder how long it would take to get to a boil in a pot that big... And dirt lover is right, I would be concerned about moving it once I had things in it. LOL. I am imagining myself on the step ladder leaning down in to scoop things out of the bottom of it. Haha. Very cool.

  4. Nice big stock pot. It will be perfect to make big batch of tomato sauce or soup for party.

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