New Garden Layout

With the addition of my greenhouse I had to modify the layout of my garden. I needed to create a path from my greenhouse into the garden for easy access.  This required that I move my onion, strawberry and pole bean area.  During Memorial Day weekend we were able to get this accomplished. 

You will have to click on the image to enlarge it.  Over the path coming from my greenhouse is an arbor that my husband built for me out of reclaimed decking wood and left over wood from other projects.  The two brown round areas are the posts that I will have plants climbing on.  The post furthest to the right will have cucumbers and the post on the left will be pole beans. 

I have a couple areas open that will allow me to chose a couple more varieties of plants to add to my garden. Any suggestions? This is also just my home garden. I haven't even stepped foot out at the farm yet. However the farm plants are doing quite well in my greenhouse and are waiting for their new home. Regardless, I think this is a good start. I will post pictures of the work that we accomplished over memorial day weekend.

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