An old classmate of mine, one that I really haven't seen since I graduated many years ago, a person who happens to be a Facebook friend, Facebook'd me over the weekend.  This old classmate just happened to live on an acreage. An acreage with a big beautiful barn. A big beautiful barn that had a loft. A loft that was half full of loose, 10+ year old hay.  Hay that he was going to burn {cringe} because he didn't want it. Hay that he thought I might be able to use as mulch in my garden. 

I think the man upstairs was looking after me again.  I was just about to purchase the much needed hay for my garden.  I had the number and phone in my hand and right at that moment, a person who I really haven't spoken much to at all in the past 17 years thought of me. Seriously, how incredible is that.  How thoughtful of this classmate. How grateful I am. 

Of course I didn't pass it up.  My wonderful husband put the trailer on the truck and we headed out to the country.  I climbed into the loft to find it about half full and 2+ feet deep.  After about an hour of pushing it out of the loft door we had a complete load and over to the farm we went to dump half of the load.

I have never used black weed barrier before so I wasn't prepared as to how warm the soil below would become.  Common sense I suppose but obviously I was not with much common sense that day of laying the barrier down.  The majority of the hay was placed around existing plants and then spread randomly on the barrier.  Once I transfer more plants to this site, the hay will take on a more uniform appearance. 

This poor guy showed me right away what the heat the barrier cause was doing.  Some of the leaves were scorched. 

This is the first plant that I transferred out to the farm.  It pouted so much it lost most of it's leaves but shows determination that it will not let the move get it down.

Moving, old, dusty hay is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  We were so covered with so much dust and grime by the time we got home that there was a ring around the bath tub.  Oh but it was worth it.  Thank you again my classmate.  You have completely made our garden year.  For some reason, I believe that this will be one of the most weed free garden seasons I have ever had.

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  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Wahoo!! I love getting free mulch. Just kinda makes your day, huh???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    For some reason I am not able to post using my blogger ID. Odd.

    Lori, yes it it wonderful. If we store it, we will have enough for the farm, my friends huge garden and my home plot for the next 2+ years. This was so generous!

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