The Greenhouse

I love my new greenhouse and I put it to good use this year starting seeds and housing my delicate seedlings from the persistent late spring frost.  Although it isn't complete, it is still usable and somewhat organized.  The Hubs still needs to put up the trim and we need to have an electrician out for grow lights and for the circulation fan.

So here you go, the somewhat complete greenhouse.

The shelf hanging on the wall was used in my in-laws craft store when my husband was preschool age.  It hung in their house for some time and then off to a shed before I snatched it up for use in my greenhouse.  The shelving system was a solid wood entertainment system that was donated to use for our fundraiser garage sale.  Obviously it didn't sell so I repurposed it for my greenhouse.  The shelves slide out which makes it perfect to reach the pots I stuffed in the back.  All of the terra cotta pots were my husbands late Great Aunt Leona's.  From what I understand, she was an avid gardener.  I wish I had the chance to meet her. 

Eventually the hubs will build me a potting table.  You can see the hole in the wall where my fan now sits.

Old pots from Great Aunt Leona.  You can kind of see my garden spot beyond the greenhouse walls.

I believe this shelf was made by my mom when I was little.  It is perfect to hold random items. 

This is the entrance to my greenhouse.  The door to the left will be repurposed by my friend at the farm.  If you turn to the right, you will walk right into my garden.

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  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Beautiful! I've been thinking about your greenhouse, and wondering how it was looking! Thanks for the peek.

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