The Farm day 2

Yesterday, I visited the farm to finally get my plants in the ground.  At least most of them.  I had Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, yellow squash, watermelon and several mystery squash plants.  I also decided to take what I some of the 105 volunteer tomato plants and move them to the farm. 

I spent about 3 hours there cutting the tarp, digging the holes and hand watering the plants. I was alone out there.  It was a beautiful, quiet, sun shiny day.  I only had the company of some birds chirping and the distant sound of tractors in the field.  It was incredibly peaceful.  It was one of those days that I couldn't help and just sit and look at the simple beauty that surrounded me. 

Look at those colors! Bright blue sky the beautiful green fields.

What a beautiful day it was to be gardening!

This bird along with others were singing to me.

So after I sat and enjoyed my surroundings I finished planting my plants.  To the front of the picture are my cucumbers and cantaloupe.  The hubs is going to build me a trellis out of left over wood for them to climb on.

Here are my volunteer squash, watermelon and yellow squash.  If you click on the picture, you will be able to tell which ones came from my green house and which ones I transplanted from my garden.  Squash likes to pout when they don't get their way.  I am hoping they get over their disapproval and liven up again.  With 3 days of rain in the forecast, I don't think they will have a choice. 

 This is the start of my tomato plant transfer.  I believe most of them are indeterminate so supporting these may be an issue.  The hubs said he will build something to support them.  Got to love the hubs. 
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  1. Flowercents Says:

    My squash are pouting too, not enough warmth & sun for them... or for me.

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