Sore Fingers

The weather has been so odd this year.  90 degrees one day and frost the next.  For the most part, the temperatures have been too mild to warm the soil to an ideal temperature for planting.  So I have been holding off planting and have been housing my veggies in my greenhouse, just waiting for the right time to plant.

Yesterday seemed like the day, the day that I could plant.  It was warm, sunny, and beautiful.  The day that I have been waiting for. On went my gardening gloves and the sun screen and out I went to tackle the garden.  I really haven't done much in way of the garden other than clean it out and till so there was a lot to do.  With the addition of the greenhouse, we also solved a water drainage issue that we had on the south portion of my garden.  This allowed me to expand my onion box, move a salvaged concrete pad along the greenhouse to support my rain barrel, and prepare a once unplantable area for new plants. 

After that was done, I weeded, planted around 100 onions and 37 pepper plants.  Overall, the cleaning, planting, weeding took several hours of wonderful work.  But man, am I feeling it today! Especially in my fingers.  I can tell that my gardening muscles haven't been worked in my hands for several months.  The muscles are soooo sore, to the point that I had trouble typing this morning.  Not a good thing considering 90% of my work is on the computer.

I think I need a manicure or a massage or maybe just some pampering.  I think that the sore fingers are a great excuse to get that done. 

How are your gardening hands? 
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