Proud Mama

I couldn't be more proud of my son.  That pretty much sums it up.


No really, I am terribly proud of my son.  There are moments that he can be the most difficult child on the face of this earth and then there are times that give me glimmers of hope that maybe, just maybe, we might be doing something right.  That my child is generous, thoughtful, and considerate.  These little reminder moments are rare indeed but when the pop up, they floor me with pride.

Monday night, I was told about a family who was sincerely struggling from a friend of mine.  She mentioned that the boy in the family had 4 things on his list, boxer shorts, the game Mousetrap, Monoply, and a pair of boots to keep his feet warm when walking to school this winter.  Not the Christmas list I am used to. 

Well I told her that we would be more than happy to take care of the list on Tuesday and throw in some things for Mom too.  We have been more than blessed in our lives and to know that we might be able to have a small part in making sure another family has a fantastic Christmas is more of a gift to us than any that we could open. 

We had about 35 minutes to shop between work, commuting, and a school Christmas program to complete our shopping as the gifts needed to be sent today.  The hubs went one direction, I went the other and we busted through the stores.  We managed to get a nice selection of things and then it came down to the boot.  Who knew boots were so hard to find this time of year!  There was 1, just 1 in the boys size, and even on sale, they cost quite a bit.  For a growing boy, it was too much, much more than I would even spend on my own kids growing feet.  That is until my son, my wonderful, generous, thoughtful son, decided to give his own money, money that he had earned during the summer mowing lawns, to help buy these boots for this boy. 

Never have I been so proud.  This boy will have nice warm dry feet largely in part to my son.  What a goodhearted kid.  I am one proud mama.
8 Responses
  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Kudos to your son! Wow! Kinda floors you, when stuff like that comes out of nowhere, huh?? Give yourself a pat on the back, 'cause you're obviously doing something right!

  2. Veggie PAK Says:

    It shows that you've raised him with his heart in the right place! What a great kid! And also his great Mom who has taught him so well!

  3. Kelly Says:

    That is precious! One year when I was about 12 we adopted a family. It made a huge impact on me as a kid and really makes you look at material possessions as just that. We did one for work this year too and I enjoyed shopping for it. Great thing you are doing Ruth!

  4. meemsnyc Says:

    That is so amazing. What a great son! A proud mama indeed.

  5. Melinda Says:

    What a blessing! Merry Christmas to you all!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    AWWW....Any mother would be proud! You are doing a good job! It is heart warming to see that kindness is still winning in the world!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Greetings from rainy Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

    May God bless you and your family in 2011 ~Ron

    And always remember: Smiles don't have to be saved for a rainy day. It's good to waste them :-)

  8. Erin Says:

    You are doing a GREAT job mama! That boy's generosity reflects directly on how he was raised, so give yourself a pat on the back. Amazing isn't it, that the Christmas lists we are hearing about this year are lots of needs rather than wants? I sure hope the economy turns soon, but thanks to lovely generous families like yours, some will have a great Christmas in spite of the hard times.

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