I love friends with big toys

Over the growing season, Ms. M, owner of the farm and I have been completely overwhelmed with weed situation at the farm.  Not wanting to spray, our gardens were over come with the weeds that grew at mutant pace.  Eventually we resided to the fact that 1) we would either have to spray or 2) we need to find someone with some big toys to come in a mow the weeds down.  The ground was incredibly full of rivets and was so uneven our rider lawn mowers or worse yet, push mowers were no match.  The lawn mower eating ground disabled two riders in a months time.

During the same period time, we started talking to a neighbor of Ms. M. Well he lives 2 miles a way but in the country, that is a neighbor.  Both of us has known him for years and he has known my husband even longer through darts.  Bless his heart, after my asking how much I could pay him to come by with his big toys and mow the pastures down, he agreed.  The cost...cucumbers.  I will have to grow cucumbers for him next year. Um OK.

Not only was he going to mow the place, but he was going to disc my garden area to prepare it for the spring when he would TILL.  Oh my goodness, there are not enough cucumbers in the world to thank him. 

He mentioned Saturday night that Sunday looked like a good day to disc and to give him a call when I get out there.  About 5 minutes after I arrived, I could hear the sweet sound of a tractor rumbling down the gravel road.  Sweet sweet music to my ears. 

So the place went from this

To this

The beautiful dirt in my garden space for next year.

So to our friend with the big toys, we thank you from the very bottom of our cucumber growing hearts. 

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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Oooooh, that is SO awesome! What a nice trade! Maybe you can give him pickles too!!

  2. Meems, I would love to give him pickles but he has his own super secret recipe that he swears by and wants to make his own. I haven't tried his yet to compare but he has some tough competition.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that is awesome! Got to love country folk!

  4. Veggie PAK Says:

    I love a happy ending! His heart is as big as his tractor! Everyone should be so kind to each other. Beautiful country by the way. I'm in Zone 8a, and I garden pretty near year round. It's a strange thing, but in this area, most people raise one crop of home grown veggies and that's it for the year. A few years ago, I decided to go for all I could get, and I love it! I decided to start a blog about my garden last memorial day. If you would like to visit it, the address is:

    Keep up the good work and get those cucs for him!

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