Fantastic weekend

I honestly do not think we could have asked for a better weekend.  My husband is one panel away from completing the greenhouse.  We ran out of screws and tape so we are waiting for that to arrive.  We had close friends over, went to an Octoberfest in a small German settlement town, and watched football.  This weekend had to be one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in a long time.  For some reason, fall has the ability to sooth, slow things down a bit, and helps us enjoy the things and friends around us. 

Saturday, we took my daughter to Octoberfest in the Amana's.  The Amana's is a series of historical towns first settled by Germans in the eastern part of Iowa.  Honestly it is pretty much a tourist trap anymore but who can resist Iowa made wines, authentic German family style eating, polka music and beer from the brewery.  With the Octoberfest, all of this was in full force along with the constant smell of roasted beef, good German brats, and sauerkraut lingering in the air.  It was awesome.

The clouds were amazing on the drive over.  They took over the brilliant blue sky.  Unfortunately the pictures from my droid did not do them any justice.

When we arrived, we v-lined to the brewery where they had a live polka band playing.

Millstream brewery is the oldest Microbrewery in the state of you can tell from the sign.  This is where my brother got his start as a brew master and where he won one if not two awards for his recipes.  I also worked for them for a short period doing beer and root beer demos at grocery stores all over the state.  That was an awesome job and I always surprised people that I could demo alcohol.  Plus I was able to keep the left overs...bonus! Anyway, their root beer is incredible.  We had to pick up a 6 pack before we left and since they had a booth set up, we got a small sample for my daughter.  She has never tasted pop before.  It is something we simply do not drink and it isn't in the house.  But their root beer had to be experienced and she loved it.  We let her have a 1/2 a cup as a treat that day.

Beer games were being played in a field while we were there.  Keg rolling and plank walking is what we witnessed.  The gentleman in the middle is walking the plank with what I believe two pints in his hands.  Oh what fun.

My daughter couldn't get enough of the polka music.

This gentleman yodeled like no one else.  This intrigued my daughter to the point she had to get out and bust a move. She couldn't take sitting still.  She had to shake it and there was no stopping her.  We took her to the dance floor and off she went.

 She danced so hard she bounced the curls right out of her hair.

The only thing missing that day was my son.  He was spending the weekend with his dad so I suppose we will need to take him next year.

The next day, we cleaned the house.  My mother stopped by and spent some time with my daughter which of course both of them loved.  Friends stopped by throughout the day and I even was able to pick 8 lbs of tomatoes that I turned into our dinner for the night...chili.

Nice thick, stick your fork in it chili.  I used my bloody mary mix and added chili powder.  My son the taste tester absolutely loved it.  In fact he said "Whoa, this is good." I rarely get that response so I was satisfied.  But what made this chili extra special is that we had friends visit that hadn't been over in a long time.  Being able to spend time with them made our day.

I hope everyone else had an equally as great weekend as we did.  I'm hoping the weather will continue so we can have more.


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  1. Erin Says:

    Sweet - polka! Funny trivia we throw out at odd times, we have several closet accordion players in my family, we usually end up demonstrating at a wedding after too many adult beverages have been consumed LOL! "Roll out the barrel....."!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    It looks like your family had a wonderful time at the Octoberfest. I love festivals especially fall festivals. So much good food and drink to be had. How cute that your daughter loved the Polka music!

  3. What fun! My kids liked to dance when they heard music, too. I like to move to music myself, but am not the most coordinated dancer.

    My dad's family are Germans from Russia. I took two years of German in high school thinking I'd be able to speak the language to my great grandma, who did not speak much English.

  4. Oh, and that chili looks yummy! I'm sure it was with your home grown tomatoes in it!

  5. Unknown Says:

    Looks like a great time! And what a little dancer, huh?

  6. Erin, it sounds like your family gatherings/weddings would be a blast.

    Meemsnyc, we did have a great time at Octoberfest. I'm looking forward to next year. I have to agree with you on the fall festival thing. The cooler weather for some reason makes the festivals more enjoyable.

    Corner Gardener Sue I prefer chair dancing myself. This reduces the risk of injury to my ubber coordinated dance moves that I have myself. I'm hoping my daughter takes after the hubs as he is light on his feet. In regards to the chili, there is a flavor when using fresh garden tomatoes that you simply can not replicate using canned. It was yummy.

    Jane, she is a crazy dancer. Can hardly hold still when she hears music. I have pictures of her since she could walk at a variety of functions where she has v-lined to the dance floor and lit the place up. I'm wish for her that she never loses desire to dance to the music. I wish for her not to allow her inhabitations to take over. So I will hold these and other pictures close to remind her how much she loves it.

  7. Yes, chair dancing is what I need to be doing. I like to do aerobics, but aches, pains, and sometimes illnesses keep me from being consistent. Just the other day, I was thinking I need to start recording a local exercise program on TV called, "Sit and Be Fit" and working out to that.

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