Another One Bites the Dust

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Every time I look at my garden, this song goes through my head. Usually it stays there for a good couple hours after the initial loop. I can almost always depend on my daughter to break the loop by her ever repeating songs. Her songs of choice? You spin me Round and Barneys, I love you. The I love you song is usually accompanied by a kiss and a hug so not only am I grateful she broke the looping song in my head , but that I received some love as well.

But as the leaves start to die...

and random night frost becomes my plants grim reaper...

my winter hobby begins.

When I first met my husband, he was involved in about every activity that was available to him in our town. Softball, bowling, darts where his favorites. If I haven't mentioned before, I am not very coordinated. My hands and feet do not work well with my brain. So in order to spend time with the hubs, I decided to join a bowling league with him. Who knew that bowling took so much cooperation between my feet and hands. Needless to say that was short lived.

So with the prompting of my cousin, I decided to try darts. In darts my feet stay put and only my right arm moves. It takes concentration and strategic plays. I fell in love with it. So much so, my cousin and I decided that we needed to compete at the state level last year and what do you know, we placed 5th! Granted we were in the lowest level but for the first year and her being 8 months pregnant, we did awesome.

So as my plants bite the dust, I will begin my next fun endeavor.
3 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Another One Bites the Dust!! That's a great song!

    Darts! My husband plays darts but I never got into it. I'm secretly afraid of those sharp darts!

  2. Dirt Lover Says:

    Hey, what's up with this???? Now, Another One Bites The Dust will be running in my head for the next few hours! Thanks!! Actually, it's a great song, and a perfect one for this time of year in the garden. Never really thought about a song as I went into the garden. Hopefully it won't be running a loop in my head during the summer, when things shouldn't be biting the dust!!

  3. Bummer. :(

    Love the song though!

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