I'm terrible at grammar.  I'm also terrible at spelling. (Thank God for spell check!)  I'm even worse at punctuation.  Not that I didn't learn this in school.  In fact, I always received very good grades. But what I learned didn't stick.

Shortly out of school, I worked in an environment for close to 8 years that required me to speak to people on a daily basis who's sentence structure wouldn't be complete unless they jam packed it full of four letter words.  Short hand was key at this time. During that time, I was a single mother of a toddler who hadn't quite developed the art of completing sentences.  Couple that with the invention of text messaging and abbreviating words to fit into the designated character count, all hope for me was lost.

So here are words that I have problems with.

Panicked - For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the "K" is added after the "c".  It makes me want to pronounce it as "Pancaked".

Definitely - I ALWAYS spell this defiantly and have to go back and fix it, without fail.

Apologize - This word needs to have a second p

Testosterone - Ok, I can spell this word.  BUT I can't say it.  Seriously, my mouth will not cooperate with my brain when I attempt it.  The only possible way that this word will be pronounced correctly is if I have it written in front of me and I speak vvvveeeerrrryyy ssslllooowww.  Like a broken record.  This used to be the same for strategic but I can say that now.  It took lots of practice and lot of friends making fun of me before it happened.  Testosterone isn't one of those words that comes up to often so the heckles (about the pronunciation, not the topic of discussion) haven't driven me to a sit down practice session. How funny would that session be to listen in on?

More - More?  Really?  Yes.  More.  When is it proper to use it.  I mean, you won't say something is "more better".  Grammar wise, I have no idea the proper time to use it.  Do you say, something is more handy or something is handier?  This is a constant discussion with the hubs and I.  Or is it hubs and me?

Complement or Compliment - I can never keep them straight. 

I know there are more, lots more.  So thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me as I have ventured into the blogging world.  I give you all the permission in the world to correct me whenever you see an error.  That is how I learn and I have tough skin so it won't offend me one single bit.

FG out
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  1. thyme2garden Says:

    At least you admit to not knowing this stuff! :) Regarding "hubs and I" or any type of ___ and I/me situation, here's a quick test. If the sentence would make sense with just "I" alone, then use it. If not, it's "me".

    "My husband and I went to the store" because you can also say "I went to the store" but not "Me went to the store."

    "My mom went the store with my husband and me" because you can also say "My mom went to the store with me" but not "My mom went to the store with I."

    Basically, anytime you're using the proposition "with" or "of" you should use "me."

  2. @thyme2garden thank you so much. I completely understand the whole I/me situation. Thank you again for the explanation!!!

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