Weekend Update

We had a somewhat lazy weekend but at the same time got a lot accomplished.  I spent today in my garden, salvaging as many tomatoes as I could.  Picked a basket full of green beans and found radishes ready to be harvested. 

I recruited my son to help me collect the tomatoes.  To keep him interested I placed him on one end of the garden while I threw the tomatoes towards his general vicinity from the other end of the garden.  I don't play softball for a reason.  Anyway, the ones that were close enough for him to catch he placed in a 5 gallon bucket.  He actually said it was fun which is an accomplishment in itself.  He usually finds garden work boring. I don't know how he is mine at times. 

After he had so much fun throwing the tomatoes, I gave him a knife to help me prepare them for sauce.  For an hour we cored, cut the tops and bottoms off and inspected for bad spots. 

This large bowl of tomatoes became some delicious spaghetti sauce approximately 5 hours later. 

So maybe this isn't the most appetizing picture but you can see how the sauce reduced over the 5 hours. 

My garden is showing it's fall.  Honestly I think that is a good descriptor.  Have you ever notice how the garden actually falls this time of year.  The tomato plants become saggy, leaves become dry and brittle, the plants seemingly get closer to the ground. 

My climbing beans are becoming dry and brittle.  Gone are the days of lush, beautiful vines.

The tomatoes are droopy and frankly are a big mess.

But with the falling plants comes the colors of fall.  The pumpkins are starting to turn orange.  I think this variety is exceptionally cute in this speckled stage.

Take a look at these! Finally I have great looking peppers, jalapeno peppers that is, coming in.  Our weather in my parts was not favorable to peppers.  Simply too wet. These beauties made up for the wait.

***One of my wonderful readers Erin of garden now-think later! (If you haven't visited her blog, do.  It's a must and you won't be sorry) pointed out that these are not jalapenos.  They quite possibly are poblanos.  It is back to the drawing board for me for my pepper adventure next year.  Thank you Erin!

August 23rd, I planted these.  It is now September 12th and I'm already harvesting these radishes. In my original post I mentioned how excited I was to try each variety, even though I'm not a fan of radishes.  The Philly white had great mild radish flavor, but slightly spicy.  The plumb purple which you see the two in the middle were definitely hotter than the philly white.  Almost too hot for me to finish.  My son loved them.  I also had two French breakfast radishes, one directly in the middle and one off to the right.  Not as hot as the plumb purple.  I would say it would be right in the middle as far as spiciness goes.

 Do you know what this means?  This means that we worked on the framing for the last wall of the greenhouse.  My husband got an early start and still managed to install it perfectly level.  Good job hubs. 

Well there will be more on the spaghetti sauce recipe and with the greenhouse update later this week.  Wishing everyone a great week!
4 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Yummy, the sauce looks so good. It's nice that your son helped you with the tomato chore. Our garden is looking pretty sad too. I've been pulling plants left and right. It's very therapeutic. I hate radishes but yours look lovely. The husband loves radishes and eats them like candy. It's the only reason I grow them. I like eating radish greens. Saute with olive oil and salt and pepper. Delicious!

    BTW, we received your white cucumber seeds in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for sending them and the recipe for zuke salsa. I can't wait to grow the cukes and try the zuke recipe!!

  2. Erin Says:

    If all of us bloggers got together for a party, tomato softball is definitely what we should do! Sounds like a very productive weekend! Those are nice looking peppers, but those aren't jalapenos LOL! SO JEALOUS of your greenhouse - you will be able to do so much with that, and will be such an enjoyable place to be when it's chilly!

  3. Oh my goodness Erin, What kind of pepper are they? Since my jalapenos didn't come in from seed, I picked up a flat at the nursery and have them marked as jalapenos. They certainly smell like them so they are some type of hot pepper but now I'm so confused. It wouldn't be the first time the same nursery mixed up the varieties. Oh man, please shed light on my jalapeno mixup.

  4. Veggie PAK Says:

    Good luck with your greenhouse! And that's on the level! Ha! Ha! I wish I had one.

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