Weekend Update, The farm harvest

Saturday was a miserable day. Cold, rainy, muddy. Regardless, I spent the day tailgating with a group of friends in support of one of them who entered a bbq competition. 

The competition was hosted by the Iowa Pork Producers.  Our friend didn't place but it sure was fun taste testing his entry.

Senator Chuck Grassley was there to award the grand prize.  I believe there were close to 30 entries. I couldn't even imagine being a judge to choose a winner.  That is probably why it took the judges an extra 30 minutes to decide.

On our walk back to our car after the competition, I came across this large root that looked like a giant carrot.  I know that ag program at Iowa State University is fantastic but I had no idea!

I spent the rest of the evening in bed as I wasn't feeling so hot. I think it was a combination of weather and food that did me in for the evening.  But as today rolled around, I had regained my energy so I decided to go out to the farm to try to clean up my garden area. 

It was a beautiful day.  Mid 60's with bright blue skies.  Today completely made up for the weather we had to endure yesterday.  I haven't been out to the farm for well over a month, when the fields were still green.  The weeds had completely taken over the garden and were unmanageable months ago.  This resulted in only a couple plants that made it over the summer and manage to produce between the weeds.

Now that the weeds are starting to brown due to the season, the colorful squash was easier to find so I felt it was time to clean it up and call it the season. My son figured out that if he followed the vines through the weeds, he would find the "gold mine" as he put it.

I'm not sure what the blurry object is in the lower left hand corner..possibly a dog.  The rest is the harvest, a single acorn squash, pumpkins, and yellow squash.

I also had 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket full of green beans but failed to take a picture.  I also have rows and rows of potatoes left in the ground.  I tried to dig them up but with all of the rain fall we received yesterday, it was simply too muddy.  Once that is complete, I will be done with the farm garden plot for the rest of the year. 

I have big plans for weed control at the farm for next year.  Those 4 foot weeds won't have a chance.  But for now, I am glad to have the garden almost cleaned up and I can concentrate on my home plot and finishing up the greenhouse.

3 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Loving the pumpkins! That is a nice harvest! Was that a giant carrot?

  2. Erin Says:

    I bet that place smelled AMAZING!

  3. Meems, I don't believe it is a carrot. What I didn't show is the true length which is about 8 feet long. Bright orange though, wish I new what it is a root of.

    Erin, it did smell good. The smell coming from the smoker especially.

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