Three for one

I so badly wanted a giant pumpkin this year.  I THOUGHT one was finally on its way to giant land last month but as the month progressed and the weather changed, it proved me wrong.  That pumpkin, just like the one I had earlier in the year, stopped growing. 

I am so disappointed. 

But in the spirit of seeing the silver lining, there are 2 more pumpkins growing.  About equal in size to the original pumpkin.  So I suppose if I were to combine the 3, I would have myself a fairly large pumpkin.

This is the original, now a beautiful shade of orange.

Oblong pumpkin #2. 

Pumpkin #3.  I will certainly have to try my hand at the giant pumpkin thing again next year.  Until then, starting the end of October, we will be eating a lot of pies.
5 Responses
  1. Erin Says:

    Pretty! I can never get pumpkins to set fruit here!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Oooh, 3 pumpkins! What a nice surprise.

  3. Dirt Lover Says:

    Your pumpkins are ...... well, a pumpkin color! Mine are green and stripey. First year for me. Ahhh, I love learning!!

  4. Lori i have a lot of smaller green ones as well. They will turn. My husband found a neighbor about a block away that is growing giant pumpkins. I may need to introduce myself and get the scoop on giant pumpkin growing. Are your plants taking over your yard?

  5. Laura Says:

    Pumpkins are fun! We had half a dozen last year that the kids helped carve out! They take up a lot of space though. This year I lost most of my pumpkin plants early on to bad weather. I didn't replant as we will be away for a good part of the fall. I'll just buy from the patch this year! Next year I'll grow them again.

    Sorry you haven't gotten the 'giant' pumpkins you were trying for. They are pretty big though. My two cents on it are that if your going for big pumpkins that you need to limit how many are growing on each plant. One pumpkin per plant, so the plants energies can focus solely on growing that one bigger! Good luck next year!

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