Recovering from pure exhaustion and elation

I recently took a complete break from my blogisphere as I have had little to no time to breath, let alone be socially or electronically connected.  Now that I am slowly but surely reconnecting to my normal, I use that term loosely, world, I am having a subconscious urge to realign myself to my socially connected existence.

The Week Before
Over the past month or so, I have been asking friends and family for material donations that I could sell at my garage sale/fundraiser.  Those who had things they could part with, graciously handed them over.  Many helped to spread the word to complete strangers, who as the sale drew near, also donated.  Truckload after truckload, we soon became completely overloaded with wonderful donations.  Starting Saturday of last week, the truckloads started coming in on a daily basis.  One or two a day, then the Thursday before the sale, we had a whopping 5 truckloads donated.  My poor husband, ran across our local country side, from one house to another picking things up from clothes to antique dressers, lawn mowers to pots and pans.  He was loading and unloading the entire day until dark.  He was completely exhausted.  While he was off running around, I organized the pick up times, table arrangements, and marked all of the incredible items that were coming in.  By the end of Thursday evening, we were nowhere close to being done with marking and organizing but had to call it a night.  We packed up the garage and covered trailer, put a tarp over the things that wouldn't fit in the garage and went home to make signs until 12:30 am.

Friday of the Sale
4 am rolled around too quick the Friday morning of the sale.   Regardless, we stocked up on coffee and off we went to set up the garage sale. My mother-in-law was right behind us when we arrived.  By 7 am, we  weren't even close to being set up and the sale was set to begin at 8.  With my husband off taking the kids to school and my in-laws either off to work or getting their kids ready for school, it was up to me to finish setting up.  I was running around with my head cut off trying to make the sale appear as if we had some semblance of order.  Half of the things weren't even marked, yet I set them out. 

People started to arrive at 7:30 and not just onesies, twosies.  NO in hoards!  In car loads, they gravitated towards the sale.  At that exact moment, I realized that all of my advertising, fliers, and mass emails must have paid off.   Yippee for that but I panicked! I was stressed beyond belief but the adrenalin pumping through my veins kept me moving as fast as I possibly could to set out as much as possible in between the massive amounts of people who were looking for a great deal.  The crowd of people didn't stop until around 7:30 Friday night and we were supposed to close around 6 pm.  We were exhausted, beaten, sweaty, stinky.  But we were elated.  We made around $1,020 that first day.  My goal for the entire event was $1,000 and we blew that out of the water on Friday.  It was apparent that evening that all of that running around, all of the craziness, the sore muscles, taped open eyelids and stinky pits were well worth it. 

Feet dragging, we managed to travel back to the in-laws house to set the remaining items out around 6 am.  At this point, we had a normal garage sale amount of items.  Since we met our goal the day before, everything else was a wash.  We didn't want to have to haul anything that was left over so deals were made left and right and the things flew out the door.  We ended up staying open an extra 2 1/2 hours Saturday and were able to get rid of almost all of the big things.  By the end of the day, we made over $400.  We were numb with exhaustion but couldn't believe how well the sale went.  Again, we were elated. 

You may be wondering what happened to the remaining items.  The children's clothes we saved for next years sale.  A truckload went to the Salvation Army and the remaining truckload went to the Animal Rescue League for their upcoming fundraiser. 

Some people asked if we were going to do the sale again next year.  We couldn't answer at the time because we were so exhausted but I know we will.  I think as of today, we can finally say that we have recovered.

For a complete update on how the sale went and the grand total of donations that we received, please visit
4 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow and wow! What an amazing event you pulled off! I am so impressed by the generosity of all those who donated and by the money you raised for the scholarship fund! What an awesome tribute to Shawn.

  2. Dirt Lover Says:

    What a beautiful way to remember your loved one. There are a few scholarship funds in our small town. A nice tribute to keep the memory living on. Looks like all your hard work and effort will pay off!! Congrats on a great sale.

  3. Laura Says:

    You guys did something really quite amazing. You should be proud of yourselves. But yay for being back! We missed you!

  4. @meemsnyc, thank you and I too, sometimes on verge of tears, was impressed by others generoisty. We even had people who visited the sale say they wish they would have known as they would have donated items.

    @Dirt Lover, thank you as well. We are looking forward to seeing the grand total raised here in a couple weeks. It is quite an honor for our family.

    Aww Shucks @Laura. I missed the whole bloggy world. Glad to be back and catch up with everyone!

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