Random things

I find myself writing a random list of things when I a)do not have the energy to write about one subject b)I have too many things/thoughts running through my head c)I have writers block and this is my way to write a post while allowing thoughts to flow from my brain to my finger tips until I've reached the point of being done.

I think today is a combination of a and c.

1. My green bean seeds are dry, sorted and ready for storage.  When I initially took this picture I traveled  back to the days when Jelly Bellys developed with the Harry Potter line of candies.  You know, the ones that were labeled ear wax, etc.  This picture reminded me of that speciality line of Jelly Bellys. Anyway, I have big plans for my pole beans next year.  I think I will have plenty of seeds to see my plans to fruition.

2. I'm finding myself drawn in by the season premiers that fall has brought along with the cooler weather. This is bad, very bad. I have so much to do outside, in the green house and in the garden. Can I pull myself away from the tube, no.

3. We had ice on the windshields of our cars this morning. I don't believe we had any frost as my garden looks like it should this time of year. Where did the summer go?

4.  Besides the ice, we are predicted to have a full week of no rain. I don't remember the last time we saw a forecast like that. Now, if I can pull myself away from the season premiers, I might just get something done this rainless week.

5.  I may have never mentioned before but I work 2 jobs.  The first is my full time and the second is a fun on the side type job. Both are keeping me very busy lately and I am very tired.  It is only 9:46 and my eyelids feel as if they have weights on them.  If the new fall shows, namely Castle, were not on, I most likely would be in bed.

6. That is it for tonight. My combination of a and c doesn't allow for much room for creativity.  Good night all.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    You have two jobs! Wow! How do you have the energy?

  2. Meems, the second one is an independant job that allows me to set my own hours. It is kind of fun an more of a great open door to have.

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