Greenhouse update

Over the weekend, the hubs was busy building the frame for the last wall of the greenhouse.  The weather has been perfect for this project now that fall is officially here. 

This is the east wall.  The side that will butt up against our outdoor patio that is taking up the rest of the leftover old garage space. 

Unfortunately we didn't have the 2' x 4's needed to build the frame in our huge supply of scrap and left over wood.  We were able to purchase them on sale however at $1.70 each.  We purchased 10 to complete the wall and the frame to the door.

The hubs did pretty good you see.  Perfectly level.

This is an semi-after photo as I have only painted the primer at this point. Please don't mind the mess.  We have set aside the things that will go into the greenhouse, in the greenhouse.  The door is an old screen door I think from my in-laws.  The hinges used to hang the door were taken off of the garage door that we just tore down.  For those of you who have noticed, yes the door is upside down.  We hung it this way so it would swing close into the wall of the remaining garage. 

Eventually we will be placing removable greenhouse panels on the door to help with ventilation during the summer.

The hubs painted the frame Frugal Gardener Green last night so we are one step closer to having 4 walls!!!  Whoo Hoo!!! 

2 Responses
  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Sweet! Nice job. Don't you just love a fresh coat of paint?!

  2. Oh yes I do. The paint makes everything seem so fresh and clean. Love it.

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