Do these look fake to you?

The hubs and I decided that we needed to pull ourselves from the couch on Sunday and get out to the garden and do some harvesting.  I headed straight for the 74 tomato plants and he v-lined for the peppers.  I don't blame him.  The tomatoes are a mess, sagging, droopy, all over the place mess.

This is what he harvested.  These plastic looking, brightly colored, mild to super hot peppers.  My pepper loving 11 year old took a generous bite out of one of the long hot peppers trying to be tough.  I think he consumed an entire 1/2 gallon of milk after his tough guy front was knocked over. 

Needless to say, plastic or not, I'm glad to see a good pepper harvest.  Our wet weather prevented this up until this point.  Good things are worth waiting for.

Speaking of good things. Besides a boat load of tomatoes, I harvested close to 11 lbs of green beans.  Holy moly, right!
5 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Don't you just love all their colors? I do!

  2. thyme2garden Says:

    That deep red is a beautiful color on your peppers! Your son did exactly the same thing that Keith did with our very first hot cayenne pepper harvest this weekend! There's a picture of the partially-eaten pepper on my blog (Monday 9/6/10) to prove it. :-)

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    Pretty peppers. I'm so jealous that your bells have turned red! My bells are still small puny green ones. They are growing so slow and it's so frustrating. I have some habaneros that are shiny like your peppers too. They do look fake and perfect! What do you do with all those peppers?

  4. Erin Says:

    Peppers are always so pretty!

  5. I love the colors too! Meems, I will cut them up and freeze them for the winter. Some of the hot peppers go into a dill pickle recipe that someone gave me. LOL. The weather hasn't been good pepper growing weather so maybe next year.

    @thyme2garden, I read your post and that is hilarious. I wont go near them personally. I know better.

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