Bottling the weather

Do you ever wish you could step outside with a jar or bottle and a lid, run around in circles with the jar pointed forward and when you believe you captured enough of the weather, quickly seal the jar?

Then when it's -5 with a -40 degree wind chill, take that jar and open it up so you can enjoy the not so distant perfect day?

Today is a day that I wish I could bottle for a later time.

When a perfect weather day is described, a picture of today pops up.

It is a beautiful, roll down the windows while your driving type of day. 

A day that I will look back on a month from now when it is snowing and wonder why the perfect day had to disappear so quickly.

A day our Meteorologist describes as a 10.

So I will wrap this short post up as I am going to enjoy this perfect weather day and maybe, just maybe try to bottle a little of it as I'm out.  Wishing you a perfect day.
2 Responses
  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Can I have your perfect day? We had rain pretty much all day!

  2. Meems ill send it your way. You should receive it in 2-3 days. Lol

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