Zucchini questions???

I finally had the opportunity to visit the u-pick berry farm today to begin my years collection of blueberries.  I only had enough time to pick 3 lbs worth of berries today but plan on visiting again next weekend.  There are blueberry pies to be made and fresh, in the middle of the winter berries on my yogart.  Yum.

While paying for the berries, I noticed on the counter a box full of unusual zucchini.  The gal behind the counter didn't know the name, regardless I picked the largest one up...for seeds of course.  Any idea what the name of this particular zucchini may be?

Also, I have 8 zucchini plants which are slowly but surely producing.  However one of the 8 are producing school bus yellow zukes. 

They seem perfectly fine beyond that.  No signs of rot and they tend to grow just as fast as the standard green zucchini.

Your input is appreciated.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Hmm, not sure what that zucchini type could be! The yellow zukes look awesome! Are they not supposed to be yellow?

  2. @meemsnyc, not sure if they are supposed to be yellow. It's very perplexing. They taste fine, just school bus yellow.

  3. From a little more searching the top zucchini may be a Romanesco and the yellow a butterstick variety. I don't remember planting a different variety of zucchini but it's always nice to have a surprise.

  4. Erin Says:

    Don't know what it is, but it's beautiful!

  5. @Erin, it tasted good too :)!

  6. GardenMom Says:

    Where is the upick where you get blueberries? I would like to go get some. I didn't know there were yellow zucchinis!

  7. GardenMom, here is the website http://www.berrypatchfarm.com/. The rasperries will be coming in full force in the next couple weeks.

    I didn't know there were yellow zucchinis either! It was a surprise. I was trying to figure out where and how I got the plant and I think it came from a friend who works at a greenhouse. Not sure but we are enjoying them.

  8. Erin Says:

    The yellow zukes I have seen before but your green striped may be a Cocozelle, an Italian Heirloom, check it out here: http://rye-grass-seed.co.cc/organic-cocozelle-summer-squash-bush-zucchini-25-seeds

  9. GardenMom Says:

    We used to live in Nevada, so I know where the berrypatch is...have you ever been to this appleberry farms that is in marshalltown? I drive by it all the time but have never been in there.

  10. @GardenMom, I visit the Appleberry farm every year. It is our fall tradition to pick apples for the winter. They have a little gift store with some very cute items, fresh made caramel apples, and apple cidar.

    I emailed the Berry Patch Farm yesterday for verification as to what variety the top zucchini could be. This is their response "Sorry, but the package of seeds was lost. We have had a lot of people ask, so if you identify it please let us know."

    I will let them know the responses and suggestions. Thanks everyone.

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