Weekend update, softball and tomatoes

This past weekend was another busy one.  Every minute seemed jam packed full of things to do and places to be.  Summers seem to be so busy yet I can't get past the childhood grade school feeling that summers are supposed to be lazy, simple, a vacation.  Those days have long since past and I find myself wishing for the school year again so things can settle down.

Saturday was filled with softball and shopping.  It was a tax free weekend that I took full advantage of.  Love the automatic 6% discount and couple that with a coupon and 70% off sale, I am guaranteed to fill the trunk.

In between my shopping spree, I stopped in to the State Softball games.  The hubs team happened to be playing...all day.  That is because they took second!!! So proud of the guys.  Anyway, I have to admit that I don't watch much of the games.  I'm a people watcher by habit and people watch I did. 

But the two people that I watched the most were these two. 

She needed daddy time between the games and he was happy to oblige.  

Sunday I went to a u-pick and picked blueberries, harvested and canned some of the garden goodness.  We haven't been able to get much done with the greenhouse due to the busy schedule but it is on the to-do list.

This is my harvest from Sunday.

Approximately 26 lbs of tomatoes.  The largest of which was 1.44 lbs.

That will go a long way!  A storm hit last night that snapped up some of the smaller tomatoes in its wind and threw them down the street.  I tried to save as many as possible but I could barely stand straight with some of the gusts.  I have 74 plants so I'm sure the 15+ that I lost will not be missed...to much. 
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow! 26 pounds of tomatoes! Excellent! Sorry to hear about the storm! That is terrible. Wow, 74 plants! Amazing.

  2. Laura Says:

    Thats a lot of tomatoes! Good job! Although it's making the three I plucked off the vine yesterday look pretty paltry. I must remember we are in different climates, my crops come later than yours. Where are you anyways?

  3. GardenMom Says:

    Are you canning most of your tomatoes? I am going to pick tomatoes today and then make diced tomatoes to can for pasta and chili and soups. Sorry about your storm damage too.

  4. @Laura I am in Iowa. Our tomato season is here in full force. Everything is turning at once.

    @Gardenmom, I do can my tomatoes. I usually make lots of spagetti sauce and then I dice them as well, and add hot peppers for chili through the winter. One thing that I also do is take the skins and the seeds and run them through a food mill to crush all of the juice I can out of the left overs. I then can that for tomato sauce to use in stews and cooking through the winter. What I can't get to, I will freeze whole.

  5. GardenMom Says:

    do you have a blog post on your sauce making and juice extraction? This is my 2nd year doing it, and I am getting good product, but 26 lbs of tomatoes into 2 quarts and 1 pint of sauce doesn't seem like enough. And I just thought the other night that I should be saving this juice somehow...seemed wasteful to let it go down the drain.

  6. I am in Nebraska, and we had a lot of rain that prevented me from getting my veggies in on time this spring. I am getting some peppers, but the only tomatoes ripening are the volunteer grape ones, and the patio tomatoes I have in a pot. I do have much fewer plants in than you, though. I bet all those plants keep you busy picking at the peak of harvest. What fun! I chop mine and freeze them skin and all. One of these years, I want to get back into canning.

  7. Veggie PAK Says:

    Oh my gosh! Running the skins and seeds through a food mill! You are SO smart! I canned 119 jars of tomatoes and put all the juicy leftovers on the compost pile. What a waste! I wish I had read this before that. I guarantee I'll do that next year. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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