Repurposing a silverware tray

I have taken a little hiatus from my blog, garden and greenhouse as I have been spending every spare moment planning for my upcoming fundraiser.  Come Sunday I will be back at it in full force.

But as we were going through things at my Mother-in-laws house, we came across a very nice silverware tray that I knew I could put to good use. What for, I didn't know but I brought it home anyway.  My husband suggested making a spice rack for it and within no time, up on the wall it went.  I needed something to organize my overabundance of spices as they would fall out of the cupboard every time I opened the door. 

So give a hand to the hubs for this great idea!
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  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Great idea! I will keep this in mind when we (finally) reorganize the pantry. Tons of spices, and yes, our are falling out too! Thanks, hubs!

  2. thyme2garden Says:

    This is INGENIOUS! I would have never thought of turning the tray sideways like this. It might have something to do with the fact that the only silverware trays that I've ever seen have all been made of plastic or some sort of plastic-coated metal mesh thing. But something made of nice wood like this, heck yeah, it looks great!

  3. Laura Says:

    I bring all sorts of stuff home, when I don't know what I'll use it for! Later when it's true purpose becomes apparent I look like a genius for hording said item for so long! Your shelf is the perfect example of this. Fits like a glove!

  4. Unknown Says:

    Great idea! I have one of the spice racks that lays in the drawer bc I had the falling out problem, too! Looks great! :)

  5. meemsnyc Says:

    Awesome idea! Loved how you recycled this!

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