Hand models, the hubs and sweet pea.
Finally!  I finally have green peppers.  I never thought I would see the plants produce this year, they were taking so long. What do you know they are pulling through and making me happy.  The peppers are itty bitty cute little suckers that are going to be perfect for stuffing, in salads, on pizza's well on anything.  I had my daughter put her hand next to the peppers for size comparison.

 I am hoping that with the removal of this load, the plants will produce even more and I will have another good harvest by the end of the season. 

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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Nice! Our pepper plants are growing at a snail's pace too. We have 3 pretty good size ones, I can't wait to pick them!

  2. Laura Says:

    Holy peppers! Is that all from one plant? I've never had any luck with peppers. I held hope for this year, but I think they got too late of a start, what with our witer-ish June conditions. The plants look okay, but I have yet to see a flower! Colour me jealous!

  3. Hi @Laura. That is from 3 plants. They were slow to produce this year but I think they are trying to make up for it.

    You had a cold June? We went directly from 3 feet of snow to tee shirts within a week it seemed this year. Odd weather. Good luck with your peppers, they might surprise you yet.

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