Miniature White Cucumbers

Because gardeners tend to help other gardeners.

Because we like to share our successes, trials and recipes.

Because we enjoy introducing each other to new things.

Is the reason my husband brought these home.

They are miniature white cucumbers and from what I can tell they are an heirloom.  We have never tried these before and LOVE them.  By the way my 3 year old is holding 4 cucumbers. That is how cute, tiny, small they are.  She also ate 3 by herself shortly after this picture was taken. The taste is very mild and they make a great snacking cucumber especially since you do not need to remove the skins.

So here is round about way we acquired these beauties.

One day in the distant past Ms. @meemsnyc posted on her blog Gardening in the boroughs of nyc a picture of a batch of pickles she made (see here).  Without much begging @meemsnyc graciously emailed me the pickle recipe.

I must say that in my years of dabbling with canning pickles, this recipe is the best, by far, pickle recipe I have ever made.  I'm sure if you ask nicely, she might email you the recipe as well. 

Here is the 3rd batch made just last night.  I have to add that Ms. @meemsnyc strongly warned me that it is nearly impossible to wait the 10 long days it takes to let the flavors meld before you open the jar. You will have to take both of our word that it is good even at 3 and 5 days.

Because @meemsnyc gave me the recipe, my husband had a new favorite.

Because my husband had a new favorite, he had to share it with his coworkers who also love spicy home canned goodness.

Because he decided to share the spicy home canned goodness, a coworker that he has never had the pleasure to speak to stopped by his desk.

Because the coworker stopped by his desk and tried the pickles, he told my husband all of the things that he grew in his garden, what he canned, etc.

Because they were talking gardens and because my husband shared the pickles, this awesome gardener coworker brought in the miniature white cucumbers, originally grown in North Carolina and over the years brought here.  He also promised to share some seeds with me to spread the pickle goodness.!!!

So because gardeners, like to share, help, and introduce new things to each other, I will have a new plant growing in my garden next year!

See what you started @meemsnyc!!! My sincere thanks.
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  1. Erin Says:

    Those cukes are cute! I made spicy dills tonight too! My last batch got opened at 4 days, my son who loves pickles begged me to let him "just check" and see if they were done LOL!

  2. They are hard to resist aren't they!!! The awesome gardener coworker mentioned that he pickles his. Man, I can't wait until next year!!!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that my 3 year old, in response to us calling them baby cucumbers asked "Where is their mommy?" She comes up with the funniest things.

  4. Rachel Says:

    Those look like White Wonder cucumbers (yes, and heirloom indeed!). I grew those one year. Not sure why I'm not still doing so.

  5. @Rachel thank you for the possible name and to confirm that they are an heirloom. What did you do with them? Did you can them?

    My daughter as I am typing this has officially finished off the last one. I guess she likes them.

  6. meemsnyc Says:

    I was tickled pink when I read your post today! That is so awesome that your family loves the pickle recipe! I think what makes them amazing is the hot peppers!! Really adds so much to the flavor. My husband loves them too, he's always asking me when I'm making the next batch of pickles. We never wait the 10 days to eat them, we usually pop them open in 2 or 3 days. Did you do the refrigerator version, or did you do the hot water bath method? I recommend the hot water bath if you want to store these longer. I love the white heirlooms, I've never seen white cucumbers before! I'll have to try these!

  7. @meemsnyc because your recipe was the beginning of this adventure I will gladly send you some seeds when I receive them. Thanks again!!!

  8. meemsnyc Says:

    That's so nice! Thanks! BTW, I added sliced white onions to the batch I made on Wednesday and it was great with the cukes. What type of hot pepper did you end up adding to the recipe. We love adding 1/2 of a habanero, but I'm so curious if a jalapeno would be good too. Next year, I'm thinking about growing those sweet banana peppers because I'm thinking it would be good with this recipe also!

  9. I use regular chili peppers I think. They weren't marked when I purchased them. They are HOT none the less. I add all the ones that are red which in this last batch I think was around 15. I also added a jalepeno. We have to wait the 10 (2-3) days before we try them of course. My husband thinks I should skip the cucumbers and just pickle the peppers. Not sure if I will go that far but time will tell.

  10. Laura Says:

    That's fantastic! I love the circular way good deeds work! Your whole post had me tapping along to the rhythm of 'A little bug went Ka-choo' by Dr.Suess. Lol! :)

  11. GardenMom Says:

    do you grow lemon cucumbers? I am growing some of those this year, I have heard they are awesome. I would like to try the white ones too. Perhaps if you aren't growing the lemon cukes we could arrange a seed trade?

  12. @GardenMom, I am not growing lemon cucumbers but they sound terrific. I should be getting a large miniture cucumber (that doesn't make much sense) today that can be used for the seeds. Once they are dry, I will be happy to send some your way.

  13. GardenMom Says:

    Awesome...I need to get busy with some seed saving pretty soon. Otherwise it will be frost time before I know it.

  14. What a fun post! It's so cool that your husband got to talk gardening with that co-worker, and you got those cute little cucumbers. I know meemsnyc, too.

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