Last nights harvest oops

I became overly eager last night.  As I was harvesting 5 lbs of tomatoes, one potato and 3 zucchini, I came across a big green acorn I thought.  I had convinced myself that I planted an acorn squash plant next to my giant pumpkin plants.  Despite my husbands warnings that it in fact was a pumpkin plant, I insisted that it was an acorn squash. I suppose I was craving fresh from the garden acorn squash and decided to pull one from the vine. 

The squash was enormous and a certain part of me wanted to celebrate that I could grow such an incredible acorn squash. Obviously all common sense was set aside at this point.  I was overtaken by shiny object syndrome which was quickly shattered when I cut into it only to realize that my husband was right. He's not one to say I told you so but I know he said it to himself.

Even now as I look at the picture, I can tell it is a pumpkin.  Oh well.

Not wanting it to go to waste, I scoured the internet to 1. see if there were any recipes for non ripe pumpkins and 2. to see if it was safe to eat without stomach issues.

In my search I found several others asking the exact same questions only to be answered by, well go ahead and eat it. See what happens.

Don't you love the vague responses.  So basically my Internet search lead me nowhere.  What did I do you ask?  I turned the pumpkin into State Fair food.  I battered it with beer batter and deep fat fried little chunks.  I know it isn't the healthiest but how can you go wrong with beer and fried food.

Anyway, it really didn't taste that bad at all and my family seemed to enjoy it.  I might add a little more cinnamon to the batter should I ever get acorn squash shiny object syndrome again.

Oh, by the way, did you notice the enormous tomato in my bowl?

Not quite ripe I know but certainly something to be proud of.  I decided to pick it because I have a neighborhood cat that for years has visited my garden to eat my tomatoes.  I constantly find just ripe tomatoes with a single bite taken out of it.  He has been at it full force this year so in hopes to rescue this beauty from the fur ball, I plucked it and set it in my windowsill. 

Take that fur ball.
6 Responses
  1. Erin Says:

    Hi Frugal Gardener! Thanks for visiting my blog - I am attempting to be frugal and bake my own bread right now so I actually had a free minute while it's in the oven and zipped right over to see your blog! Right away I see you live in an area where chickens are illegal, too. Here when I first called the City Codes Division and City Attorney they laughed at the term urban chickens and had never heard of them, and subsequently dismissed my inquiries as probably the rantings of a crazy woman. May be some "stealthy" chickens in my future LOL!

  2. Hello Erin and welcome to my blog!!! I see that you are baking bread as I have been perusing as well. I made 12 loaves last friday and am breaded out.

    The city council member asked me to speak to the entire council and send letters to the city clerk and attorney. She also said that she was all for it, that the others were the ones that needed a little convincing. I somewhat feel as if I have someone on the board on my side. Her in a round about way may have been influenced by me saying "Due to the growing popularity of urban chickens, I do not see this issue going away anytime soon." Anyway, I plan on speaking as soon as I have time to gather up enough information to power through any of the questions they may send my way. Good luck with your chicken adventure!

  3. Laura Says:

    Just to interject in the conversation. It's all about how it's phrased to the councillors. You did exactly the right thing to hit her 'politicians want to be green' button. When we first started bringing it up to the councilor's in our city, a few laughed, and the other's sort of smiled at us. But they know us too. We aren't kooks by any means. We talked about the trends. Zero mile diets, and tried to dispel the myths. At this point for us, it's now just a matter of time. They are waiting to see the reports from Vancouver before they take a position. I don't doubt we will have chicken's of our own in a few years.

    As for your shiny squash syndrome. I feel for you! I'm glad you managed something interesting out of it anyways! That tomato is awesome! Smart move pulling it early!

  4. Laura, I love your input. In fact, as I start to go forward with this, I might ask for more of it if you don't mind.

    I have two extremely long emails to my councilor highlighting the benefits of having chickens in the back yard. Unfortunatly, as she had replied, the socioeconomic condition of our town could possibly be the main reason the ordinance would be denied. We will see as time will tell. Thanks again for the input!

  5. Erin Says:

    That's fantastic about you speaking on the issue, I hope the ball gets rolling at least, and they start thinking about the issue. 12 loaves of bread! You are my new bread goddess! I did 3 loaves and 2 went into the freezer, I want to see if this recipe freezes well before baking a bunch in case I have to tweak it a bit. Love the garden photos on your blog

  6. Thanks about the bread goddess thing but it certainly isn't a regular occurance at my house. Maybe one or two a week. The 12 were cucumber bread for a garage/bake sale last weekend. I was completly worn out by the end of the day. Who knew baking bread was so exhausting! Anyway, if you have lots of cucumber it is worth a try and it does freeze well. Good luck with your bread!

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