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This is blog post number 75 and I have reached a point where I have become increasingly comfortable in my blog zone.  To the point that I feel comfortable sharing the other, outside the garden details, with my blogger buddies.  All is fine and well I suppose with that as I really do not deviate to far from the garden in anything I do.  Since this is a garden focused blog, I figure sharing a little outside of what happens beyond the tomato plant will be fine.  After all, a little explanation into my life may give an excuse for all of the weeds in my garden.

So for tonight, I have made a list of things that I must do before I reach my goal bed time of 11 pm.  I have 5.45 hours to complete my mission. 

1.  I am officially not on the clock however I am waiting in my office. My goal is to successfully dodge the flying crickets that have found their home in my office.  Why, I don't know.  Maybe it is the cool brick wall.  Maybe since two walls (corner office) that join to the outside, the feel more at home. Maybe it's the cheerio that is strategically placed in a position that no vacuum can suck it up and that I have been too lazy to bend over and pick up.  They have landed on my head twice while chatting on the phone, it wasn't pretty. It's something out of the Twilight Zone I'm telling ya.

2.  I am waiting in my office because my husband is bring me dinner.  Ahh yeah that is sweet but he has a purpose to his method.  The reason he is bringing the meal to my office is because he wants to eat before we meet with our realtor as we want to see a  house.  We are not could I leave the new greenhouse.  We are looking for a second house in the town that I work in.  See, I commute with my two munchkins during the school year.  My son goes to school in this district and my daughter attends day care here.  Commuting is fine as it is about 16 miles total from my house.  That is not a problem.  What is a problem are the roads in the winter.  I am in central Iowa and for those who have experienced our winters and the driving conditions they leave, you will understand my desire to have a place to crash when a storm blows through.  For the rest of you who have nice warm winters.  Imagine if you will driving down a hwy with 40 mph winds carrying all of the snow from the fields directly onto your windshield as you are manuvering down a 1 1/2 lane drifted over hwy.  Coupled with snowdrifts taller than your car, crazy drivers and the inability to see a car 5 feet in front of you, it can make for a scary ride.  Now put two kids in the car.   It makes those 16 hair raising miles age me well beyond my years.  Back to the house.  Our appointment is at 5:30 which leaves us plenty of time to eat.  The house we are looking at is an obvious fixer upper and will suit us just fine as an inexpensive second home.  When I say expensive, think small car payment.  That is if we decide to purchase it.

3.  After our house adventure, I must whisk my way home and prepare some zucchini relish to can later this evening.

4.  My son is attending vacation bible school this week and he has a closing program at 7.

5.  Rush home after the program and prepare the kids for bed.

6.  With my son in bed and my daughter pretending to be, I will prepare the jars for canning.  I have a double batch of pickles ready to go and the zucchini relish should be ready as well.

7.  Put my daughter back to bed.

8.  Load the jars up and give them a bath.

9.  Tuck my daughter in, give her a book to read and another hug and kiss.

10.  Mark 2-3 boxes full of garage sale items for the upcoming memorial fund garage sale.

11.  Tell my daughter to stay out of the kitchen.  The stove is hot.

12.  Take the jars out of the canner to cool.

13.  Rock my daughter to sleep. 

14.  Put my daughter into bed.

15.  Try to make the marked garage sale items seem organized and shove them in a random place in my house. 

I now have 5 and 1/2 hours to complete the above.  Wish me luck.  Generally the hubs is a big help with the little bed escapee but he has softball tonight.  I wish for rain.  Lots and lots of rain. If at all possible, I would like to sneak in planting some herbs in pots for my counter tops.  That may have to wait until tomorrow.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, you have lots to do before bed! Good luck.

  2. Erin Says:

    Wow, that's a lot of expense for a few snowstorms! I'm from Minnesota and my Outback has AWD so I've never had any issues with the roads. Do you have plans for it to be a rental after it's fixed up? I own rental property next door to me, there's good and bad about it. You definitely have a busy night ahead, I am hoping to put off canning for two more weeks if he garden cooperates! My main focus this weekend has to be getting our hurricane stuff ready, I swore I would be more prepared this year LOL! Hope you get your wish for rain!

  3. Erin I totally agree with you. It is a huge expense. The winters are the main reason but we have quite a few more that would justify the purchase. We are talking brand new, base model Hyundai sonata here so not too bad. The town that I work in is a very small bedroom community and extremely safe for kids. If we had the house, I could allow my son to stay at the house during the summer. This will give him the freedom to ride his bike to the pool, the park, the library, baseball practices. When we have school activities at add times of the night, we could stay at the house instead of drive to our home and then drive all the way back. Anyway, it would free up a lot of travel time during the school year. Most of all, it is a fantastic flip. The bones are good, foundation is good and it has been well maintained even though it is 100 years old. Oh and there is TONS of storage and a huge yard. Signs are good for it. Not sure if we would rent it or eventually sell our house and add on to that one as our permanent home. Who knows, there is so much potential.

    No rain so far :(. But I'm moving and shaking and I think I will complete my list, minus the zucchini relish. Whoo Hooo!!!

  4. Whoo Hooo!!! It is 1041 and I was able to get everything done on my list with the exception of the zucchini relish. That will have to wait until tomorrow. In its place, I gave my daughter a bath and washed a load of laundry. Good exchange.

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