Greenhouse update, destruction

The weather has cooled which has allowed us to work on the greenhouse again. When I say us, I mean my husband.  We are converting a garage stall to a greenhouse and patio and if you have been following the progress of the greenhouse you will know that three sides are almost complete.

In order to move on to the last side, we had to tear down the rest of the garage.  We will be leaving the frame up to act as a pergola.  You can see, even in this small picture how dilapidated the garage looks.  Through the door you can see the back wall of the green house.  Now what appears to be a deck in front of the garage really is.  It is a deck that we salvaged off of my in-laws house when they replaced it with a new and improved one.  This deck will be moved, cut, sized to fit the area in front of the green house to level the floor of the patio area out.  The flooring in this portion of the garage is concrete, however it's not level.  It slopes toward the  garden which would make it difficult to sit in patio chairs.  So the deck will take care of that problem.

My husband was hard at work last night removing the remaining portion of the garage.  This is what it looked like this morning.  Before sunlight.

Wide open space.

The roof leaked, can you tell?  We have a sunroof now.  Eventually this will be covered with either an awning or lattice to provide extra shade.  I think this picture is a good before and after picture as you can see the freshly painted greenhouse portion to the left and the nasty dirty rafters that have been untouched.  Looks like I need to pick out more paint.

The north side opens up to the garden.  My plans are to have a path starting at the edge of the greenhouse to my garden and to create another green bean arbor over the path.  So many plans. 

If the weather continues to cooperate, we should have the 4th wall complete in a couple weeks. 
3 Responses
  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Ahhh, Frugal, you ROCK!! Love the pic of your garden. Hope the weather goes your way. How exciting to have a greenhouse! Have fun tearing things apart. It's the best!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Oooh, this is going to be an awesome pergola! I can't wait to see your finished greenhouse! We are knocking down our garage next summer and building a new one. I can't wait. The hubs also promised me a garden shed / greenhouse.... We shall see!

  3. Dirt Lover, thank you! It is exciting to be building a greenhouse and with any luck we will have it done here next month. I dont know if my husband would agree with you on the tearing things apart aspect as he is the one doing it. LOL but when it is all done, I think we (he will forget about the hard work.

    Meems, Congrats on getting a garden shed and a greenhouse!!! Well possibly. That will be so exciting.

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