Wordless Wednesday - Last nights dinner

The green beans were actually gone before we got home from the farm. My 3 year old has been waiting all spring for fresh green beans and lit up when I brought them to her.

Oh and no I didn't eat all of this for dinner. Just portions. Gave some of the yellow squash to my neighbor and mother.

Ok enough words for now. This is supposed to be wordless.

4 Responses
  1. Laura Says:

    How can you be wordless with a bounty like that! Fantastic! Your kid must have loved bringing that all home!

  2. It's just the beginning @Laura. I'm enjoying it while I can because I know I will be overloaded here soon.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    THe squash will be shared with your 2nd cousin from Michigan and the garlic and cucumbers were great. Thank-Goodness there is a three-year old to help sort this out. remarkable.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Add cinnamon and butter, perhaps a little brown sugar and it tastes great. Bake or microwave it until soft. Eat it warm.

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