Weeked Update

I have had a very productive weekend.  I have celebrated my birthday, straightened up my garden, made an incredible amount of bread, canned a double batch of pickles, made a rain barrel out of a trash can, the list goes on and on. 

My garden has been busy this past week as well.  Growing like mad, tomatoes turning red, pumpkins growing like they are on steroids and my peppers are finally showing signs of life. 

The roof is on the green house and the frame for the exhaust fan is up.  The hubs has been busy as well so very little has been done with the greenhouse.  Weather has played a role in that as well.  Either we are under a heat advisory or it's down pouring. 

The broccoli is finally coming in.  Seemed to take a while this year.

My green beans have almost covered my homemade trellis.

The tomatoes on steroids are now taller than my 6 foot privacy fence.

This is my mystery squash.  I do believe it is a pumpkin.  Otherwise it is the largest acorn squash I have ever seen.  We are talking mutant acorn squash size...if it is.

The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are looking beautiful and plentiful.

And in one weeks time, the giant pumpkin has grown from the size of a small softball to almost the size a a Frisbee.  I can't believe how fast this thing is growing!!!

Amazing what happens in a weeks time!
5 Responses
  1. GardenMom Says:

    happy birthday! So fun to see how things are doing in your garden. This is such a great time of year for our gardens.

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Happy birthday. I love the home made trellis. I love the pumpkins. Can't wait to see what the greenhouse looks like.

  3. Well thanks you two for the birthday wish!!! @GardenMom, you are correct, it is a great time in our gardens. I just know that I am on the brink of being overwhelmed with the harvest and the tital wave of tomatoes. It's right around the corner...I can feel it.

    @meemsnyc, slowly but shirley we are getting the greenhouse done. Summer seems so busy!!!

  4. Blur Ting Says:

    My goodness! Your garden rocks!

  5. @Blur Ting thank you!!! I think my garden things so too because it is starting to take over my yard.

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