Vertical Potato Box part 2

I left on vacation last week.  Before I did, I made sure I filled my vertical potato box close to the top of the plants.  One week later, when I returned, I found that the potato plants had grown.  Not just grown but GROWN.

1 week = 1 foot. Holy Moly!  (The weeds and tomatoes decided to do the same as you can see)  Since this picture was taken, I have added another round of pallet boards and filled it with barn hay.  Honestly, the urge to remove a board to take a peak is becoming irresistible.  Curiosity kills that cat so I will wait...maybe. 

Some of the plants are starting to flower so all I can do is assume that little potatoes are growing just as fast as the plants.

My neighbor "Wilson" is also conducting a vertical potato box experiment.  He is growing his in a large plastic bin and filling it with saw dust.  You can see from the shadows how tall that plants have become.

"Wilson" was on vacation at the same time and look what happened to his.

He went right out to get more saw dust.  

We must have had some fantastic garden weather while we were gone to encourage this steroid type growth.  In my opinion great garden weather isn't always great outdoor human weather. Regardless coming back home to all of this wonderful growth was awesome. 

7 Responses
  1. Rachel Says:

    Vacations just do something to plants. We went on vacation for 10 days and when we came back, nearly everything had grown over 2'!

  2. @Rachel I think they like to surprise us. Like they are saying "TaDa!!!"

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    I had no idea that you can grow potatos in saw dust. That is super cool! Does he put drainage holes at the bottom of the barrel?

  4. Laura Says:

    Absolutely! Potatoes grow so fast! The combo of that plus good growing weather, it's a winner!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cut top out of food grade barrel,then 3 inch hole in bottom with screening over hole.(for water drain) 4 inches of dirt, 6 inches of sawdust and plant spuds. Water well and a half handful of organic fertilizer.

  6. Thank you Wilson!!! We will wait to see the results of our experiment.

    @meemsnyc I hope that covered your questions. Let me know if you have any more.

  7. pThomas Says:

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I'm just starting out with vertical potato gardening and your pics and words have gotten me stoked.

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