Tomato overload

I thought the Mothers day frost wiped out at least 1/2 of my volunteer tomatoes.  This left me about 5-10 plants to work with.  A good start in my opinion.  Last year I had 52 tomato plants and was looking to cut back a bit.  I went out and purchased around 30 plants of different varieties to make up for what I lost.  I thought 35-40 tops would certainly be enough.

Well what do you know the frost didn't wipe out as many as I thought.  Tomato plants have popped up all over the place.  I simply don't have the heart to kill them off even if they are in my brick work around my compost pile or right in the center of my pepper area.  I have to give them a chance.

Well I counted the other day and the grand total was 73.  Yes, 73 tomato plants.  That is a lot for one family but will make a good amount of salsa, spaghetti sauce, ketchup and tomato juice.  However, this wasn't the scaling back I was hoping to do.  I ended up giving away 3 plants to my husbands cousin bring my count down to 70.

But then I made the mistake of stopping in a local farm supply store 2 days ago.  They had this ENORMOUS sign out front stating "All nursery plants 50% off." I had to look.  Even before I went in I told myself, "Self, you do not need any more tomato plants."

Then I came across this.

The plant marker is cute as can be and the poor little Mr. Stripey plant was there all alone, most likely hurt that no one has picked him up to take him home even at 50% off.  I couldn't resist. After all it was an heirloom and I had other heirloom friends just waiting for him.  I must have a closet soft spot for tomatoes.

Here is a picture of the fruit that I pulled off the net.

Isn't it adorable!

So now I am up to 71 plants.  Holy moly.  My biggest concern is that most of the volunteers are starting to look like they are cherry tomatoes.  One can only eat so many cherry tomatoes.  Farmers market anyone?
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  1. the666bbq Says:

    I like the cherry tomatoes more every season ... don't give up on them yet ;-) they make the easiest pasta sauce. I know the scaling down thing, I have my greenhouse stabilized now on 42 tomatoes, 14 sweet peppers, 2 dozen of hot peppers, 2 dozen of melons and 4 cucumbers; I know for sure that there will never be more plants in that greenhouse ;-)

  2. @the666bbq do you can the pasta sauce? I would be interested in the recipe. I had 2 cherry tomato plants last year and it is looking like I have 10-15+ this year. So any recipes would be welcomed.

    Sounds like you have a great selection in your greenhouse. Mine will be going up here in the next couple weeks...I am so excited.

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