Pumpkin madness

I am growing giant pumpkins for the first time this year.  We thought these giants would be fun for the kids to watch grow.  Although these giants almost didn't happen as I was ready to thrown in the towel.

I started the seeds indoors around February and they were doing fantastic.  I thought I was in the clear but one day, all 3 plants decided they had enough of being cooped up indoors and in retaliation offed themselves.  Even though early, I planted more seeds out at the farm towards the beginning of May.  They never came up or if they did, were taken during the mothers day frost.

So I gave it one more shot. I planted 3 seeds at my home towards the end of April.  I figured if they didn't come up then it wasn't meant to be this year.

Eventually the plants came up and grew and grew and grew.  Then just a week ago, look what I found. 

I hand pollinated it just to make sure it would grow.  Grow it has! I'm surprised with the rate it grows.  It's must have taken lessons from my zucchini as it seems to get bigger overnight.

This is one week later.

Although you can't tell from the picture, the pumpkin is larger than a baseball.  A small softball if you will.  I should start placing a ruler next to it to track its growth.

My kids are starting to show a lot of interest in this.  Wait until it's larger then the two of them.
5 Responses
  1. GardenMom Says:

    Fun! I have several pumpkin and squash varieties growing, probably more than I should have put in my garden space. I have several little squash babies here and there. Great idea for a post. I might have to do one now... ;)

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, nice looking pumpkins. It's great when the kids are into it.

  3. Laura Says:

    Pumpkins are fun! We grew them last year. The kids ended up with half a dozen good sized gords. They loved it! It did take over my veggie patch & yard though.

  4. Dirt Lover Says:

    Oh, your pumpkins look great! I tried to grow some last year, and nothing. Nada. Bumpkiss. Then I planted some again this year, and they are growing! Yippee Skippy! No baby pumpkins, though. Maybe soon. I will check this weekend. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  5. Lori my mystery squash ended up being pumpkin. Between the farm and my house I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of pies this fall.

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