The Greenhouse project, Paint

With the help of many of you, I selected the color that I would paint the interior frame of the greenhouse. Vanilla Mint was the winner so thank you everyone!

Today, I made it my mission to find the equivalent of Vanilla Mint at several local paint stores. Of course they had chips that were similar but not exact. Being that I only had a computerized version of the color, matching made it that much more difficult. The color that I ended up with was concocted by the paint store. It doesn't carry a name so I will call it Frugal Gardener Green.

Here it is. My neighbor Wilson believes that it will dry darker and be a very close match to the Vanilla Mint that was voted on.

I managed to power wash the frame today to remove 50 years of accumulated dirt and grime to prepare it for its' new color in the morning. 

My plan is to get up at 5 am to get an early start.  The hubs has a softball tournament all day limiting my kid free time.  5 am seems like my only option.

But then again, it is the weekend and sleeping in seems very tempting.  I will see how it goes when the alarm clock starts chirping.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Frugal gardener green! I love it! Good choice :)

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