The Greehouse project, weekend progress part 2

This post has been a long time coming.  My busy life continued to shove it aside.  Finally, I am able to add part 2 to last weekends greenhouse activities.

Besides paint we also were able to install two sheets of polycarbonate along the west wall of the greenhouse.  We weren't sure how to begin and the last thing we wanted to do was to mess up a $70 panel.  I told the hubs to measure twice, if not three times before cutting.  I was sweating.

So cutting the panel wasn't as easy as one would imagine.  Sure it's hollow plastic, but tough, hard plastic.  The first cutting attempt was done by a utility knife.  This was a fruitless effort.  The plastic was too difficult to cut.  The hubs broke out the power tools at this point .  Using a jig saw he cut away the parts that were too tall.  He told me to make sure to pass on to anyone that may be using a jig saw to go nice and slow as you cut.  I love his input.  The cut was not even but he assured me that it wouldn't matter once he covered it with trim. 

Once the panel was cut, we taped the ends with clear, all weather,  4 year warranty tape that was provided to us from Farmtek.  The tape is intended to keep all of the rain and debris from entering the openings in the panels.  Easy enough to do.  I forgot to mention that before the tape, we removed the protective liner off both sides of the panel.

After the cutting and taping was complete, our next step was to mount the panel to the frame.  We thought this would be the most difficult step.  That if we were to mess anything up, this would be it.  Boy were we wrong.  All we had to do was hold the panel in place, make sure that the screws were at least 3 inches from the side, pre-drill the hole and screw in the provided screws.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Before we knew it, the first panel was up.

We were pumped!  We went from one extreme where we were completely nervous to the other extreme thinking that we were pros and the rest would be a breeze.  Off we went to prepare the second panel.

This is where we met the devils spawn.  The panel channel.  This is the part that is used to connect the two panels together.

Here is a pic for you.

See the seam.  The ugly, nasty seam.  We could have hid the seam along the frame but that would have wasted a tremendous portion of the panel. Portions that could be used for cold frames.  So I opted to place the seam off center.  I figured since the channel was clear, it wouldn't be too noticeable.  Well the thing is that you must place a clear, all weather sealant inside the channel to help seal it.  Easy enough. After that was done, we installed the channel on the mounted panel.  This required my husband to stand on a chair to prop the channel in the air and slide it down the panel.  The channel doesn't just clip on, oh no, it slides on and then when you think you have reach the bottom it will pop off a corner and you must start all over again.  Then if you are unable to slide it you must use a wedge and coordinate with one person to gradually push the panel in the channel.  Coordination is not my thing so you can imagine the comical positions we had to put ourselves in to make the channel cooperate with us.  By the time we managed to wedge the piece into the channel, the clear all weather sealant was smudged everywhere.  Ugg. 

I had to break out the big words.  You know the ones.  Fudge buckets, piss pants, shoot.  All was better once we started to screw the panel to the wall.  We felt as if we had accomplished something incredible.  And to me, it was.

This weekend, we will make friends with the roof of the greenhouse.
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  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, this is sooo awesome! Did you design this greenhouse yourself? The hubby and I want a greenhouse so bad! We are thinking of buying one of those pre-fab ones from Home Depot.

  2. Dirt Lover Says:

    Oh, this is beginning to look like a real greenhouse!!! I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it! Ok, not really, but you know what I'm saying. Hubby and I want to build a greenhouse/garden shed for ME this fall. Crossing my fingers, since there are lots of things to do, and my Hubby is only one person, and he still has to work so we can buy shoes, and gas, and eat something besides what comes from my garden. Well, congrats on your soon-to-be greenhouse. Keep us updated on the progress, and your plans for the housewarming party!

  3. @meemsnyc We are tearing down a garage that is in bad shape, leaving the frame to install the greenhouse. I guess I am designing around the frame and using what we have. It has been a fun process. If you do decide to build your own (non-kit types) and have to buy sheets of poly-carbonate, if you have the chance to visit a facility that warehouses it, check to see if they have any damaged sheets. Usually this just means that the ends or corners are slightly bent. This is the area that you most likely would cut off any way. I was able to save $20-$40 a sheet this way.

    @Lori thanks!!! The housewarming party probably will be a way out but I will keep you posted :).

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