The Farm and mutant squash

So Ms. M. owner of the farm let me know that I had squash ready to be snatched from the vine early last week. 

When I went to visit the farm to find the tasty treats, I noticed that I had mutant, Siamese twin type squash.  Ms. M. said that they look like a perfect butt.  My response was that I certainly hope they don't taste like it. 

Here is the mutant butt squash below.

I personally have never seen this before.  I am assuming that it will be just as tasty as the other squash I plucked and fried up with a little olive oil and garlic.  I think if I cut it just right, it will be a cute design that will fun for my daughter to eat.

I have also mentioned before that Ms. M's farm was quite neglected.  There was all kinds of trash laying around that became a frugalists treasure.  This is the first year Ms. M has had a garden with a variety of veggies.  She was in need of a trellis of sorts for her cucumbers.  Look what she created out of left over treasure she found on her property.

Old fencing is now a trellis! I wanted to climb in the middle and just sit.  It is quaint, nostalgic, super adorable and full of character.  The cucumber took to it right away and are loving their new home off the ground.  Any twine that you see was also found on the property so this trellis was completely free.

If you look really hard beyond the trellis, behind the wooden post, you will see where her husband has created a similar climbing area for his organically, homegrown hops.  He makes home brew you see.  Yum.  Perfect to cool down with after weeding.

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