Fall harvest in July

I spent several hours at the farm yesterday in an attempt to tackle the weeds.  At least to the point that I could find my plants.

I raided Ms. M's garden for 19 cucumbers of which I will be making lots of bread and pickles.
7.75 lbs of potatoes
almost 3 lbs of onions
1.35 lbs of beans 




The pumpkin plants were on their last leg and all I had to do was touch the pumpkins for them to fall off.  Can you believe that they are ready...IN JULY!!!

I showed Wilson last night and his comment was "We have had really weird weather this year."

I have to agree.  Otherwise, why would I have these cutie pies already?!?
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  1. GardenMom Says:

    wow...that is neat. i have pumpkins growing, but some are just little babies still. However, my tomatoes have started to turn, so that will keep me busy. I picked two baskets full yesterday. Salsa this weekend! I am going to do a blog post on my haul today. I also need to harvest some potatoes. Way to go on your harvest!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    It was definitely weird weather this summer! Very strange indeed!

  3. Laura Says:

    weird weather indeed! What a haul you brought back from the farm! I'm looking forward to pulling my potatoes soon. Your look tasty!

  4. @Laura, we have eaten about 1/2 of the load shown here since I have posted this. Yes, they were absolutly delicious however the skins were not thick enough for storage.

    @GardenMom, I have a LOT of pumpkins not ready. These were a freak of nature. :) I have a few tomatoes here and there as well. I think it is exciting to find one that has been hiding. I can't wait for my heirlooms to turn!

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