5 Years

This week has been incredibly busy.  I spent my days making sure our company distributor meeting ran smooth which took up 30 hours Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night, when we finally walked into the house at 10:30 pm, my bed was literally screaming my name.  No joke, the neighbors called the police because of how loud the bed was screaming.  Even the counting sheep were getting annoyed! 

Ok, all kidding aside.  All I wanted was to do was to lay down and that I did.  Still dressed with the exception of my shoes, I literally crashed into my bed, dead asleep before my head hit the pillow. 

The next day I was equally exhausted and ended up falling asleep in the lazy boy at approximately 8:30 pm.  Very early for me but very needed.

So while all of this was going on, I was also collecting all kinds of thoughts and ideas as to what I should and eventually will blog about.  My list is a mile long but for this post, I must dedicate to something, well someone rather. My husband.

Ok yes, this is one of those mushy posts so if you would rather read about green beans growing or how to prevent tomato rot, now is your chance. Quick, switch to another post or scroll down to the end.  But for those of you who may be slightly interested in something a little off the gardening subject, feel free to proceed.

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary and quite honestly I couldn't be happier.  5 years ago tomorrow we were wed outdoors, on a very hot 95 degree day.  Our wedding lasted less than 10 minutes which all of the attendees I'm sure appreciated.  My uncle sang, our guest brought their beach chairs, and all of the girls were barefoot. It was awesome.  But that very hot, sweltering day, I married my best friend, the person that completes me. 

Still today, he is my biggest supporter and my cheerleader. He levels me when I become moody and emotional. This will be the first and last time I admit I get that way. He provides a listening ear.  He also makes fun of me every chance he gets but still tills my garden when my back is out.  He is my best friend (BFF as we call it).  He has taught me how to laugh, helped me create a sense of humor, and not to take life so seriously.   Most of all, he boosts my confidence and still tells me that he loves me every day. 

A lot has happened in our 5 years.  We have experienced pure joy with the birth of our daughter and we have experienced pure sorrow with the sudden loss of his brother.  All of this making our relationship stronger.  We have a lot of years ahead of us together and I'm looking forward to each and every day with him.

The end.  You can stop scrolling now.
2 Responses
  1. Dirt Lover Says:

    Ahhhhh, what a sweet post! Hope this all didn't go to his head! Sounds like you got a good one. Happy Anniversary tomorrow.

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Happy 5th year anniversary! Congrats.

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