Uninvited Guests

I find onion flowers beautiful. They are delicate, simple but multidimensional, almost ethereal.  Their small globes appear on tall thick, obelisk type stalks making the fact that my onions have gone to seed too quick, not so disheartening.  The mothers day frost shot these guys into early retirement you see.  I will try to make the most of it and collect the seeds from the small globes.

But do you see that fella proudly perched on my lovely onion flower.  I didn't invite him to visit my garden to sit atop my natural topiary.  No, he invited himself.  Not only that, he brought several friends along with him.  Party crasher. 

Sure, wasps may have some benefits, yeah, yeah.  Like eating other pesky bugs that may be invading the garden.  But if you took a look at all of the activity around my produce, you would see they are not doing a very good job. Oh and maybe they help pollinate. But after that, what is there?  I don't see any honey dripping from their hives. 

So besides making the occasional visit to my garden party, this guy and the other uninvited guests decided they needed to stay.  Free load on my overhangs and dine from my abundance of fresh food. 

Me and my trusty hoe have removed approximately 10 of their little hives and they keep coming back.  It's almost time for me to break out my mean mommy look and put my foot down to put a final stop to this. Kick them out. After all I have 2 children and their friends who visit my garden. The last thing I want is to see their crocodile tears after they get stung.

Wasp spray is my last resort but they better accept this as a warning.  Mean mommy and her hoe
have our eye on you.
2 Responses
  1. Laura Says:

    Oh that was good for a laugh! I feel the same about the little buggers. My husband keeps removing their nest from around the shed for me, but they keep coming back!

  2. Laura the are pesky no doubt about it. I think they are becoming smarter as I know they are ther. I know they have a hive somewhere. I haven't been able to find it yet. I'm almost scared at this point to find it.

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