A slight obsession

I have developed a slight obsession with clouds lately.  Almost to the level of my obsession with Basil...but not quite. 

In between the storms, the sky has been incredibly blue and the fluffy, soft, cumulus clouds are whiter than I ever remember.  Everyday they are calling for everyone to look up to see the various shapes and sizes that they decided to form themselves into.

I consider clouds to be like fingerprints.  No two are ever alike.  That and you will only be able to see a particular cloud once.  So that dinosaur, rabbit, or Mario Brother (I saw him 2 days ago in a jumping position.  I think he was jumping from one ledge to another.  At least that is what I saw.) you will never see it in its original form ever again.  Sad and exciting all at the same time.

Anyway, last night, as my son was playing his last baseball game of the year, this is what was over head.

How in the world do they pay attention to the ball?  Obviously I wasn't watching the game very close.

Then this is what we saw on our way home.

I mean seriously.  I'm glad I wasn't driving.  I hope you don't notice the blotches provided by the dead bug splatters on our windshield.  I could hardly ask "The Hubs" to pull over, a passerbyer might think something is wrong, or I'm psychotic taking pictures of the sky, or just obsessed. They would be correct on one of those...maybe two.
7 Responses
  1. Laura Says:

    Beautiful sunset! Yesterday was so beautiful here, made me wish for an afternoon of cloud watching!

  2. meemsnyc Says:

    Those clouds are pretty!

  3. @Laura, it seems like we have gone from extreme winter to extreme summer here. Very few cooler days. Yesterday just happened to be one of those few for us too.

    @meemsnyc, Aren't they? Everyday lately our skies have been like that. I wish I had enough time to lay in my hammock and just watch them.

  4. That's a pretty tame obsession! Gorgeous pics!

  5. @Dirty Girl Gardening. Thank you!!!

  6. the666bbq Says:

    if you love skies so much (and I have seen lovely sky pictures here already) than you should get a polar filter for your camera if you haven't already ... skies look even prettier in 'that' blue (their 'real' blue) ;-)

  7. Thanks @the666bbq I will check into that!

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