A short lesson in clouds

This spring, we have been provided with an over abundance of beautiful cloud days.  That is why I am dedicating two posts this week to them.  Honestly I think I should join the cloud appreciation society as I simply can't stop taking pictures of them. 

We had the most unusual clouds appear over head this weekend.  I have only seen them once before so I needed to snap a couple shots.

These cotton ball/golf ball/pillows of fluffy softness are called Asperatus clouds...so I think.  Imagine if you will a table lined and filled with cotton balls. That would resemble these clouds. 

The pictures were taken right around sunset and right after a good rain storm.

The asperatus clouds weren't the only type in the sky.  These I am assuming are a type of Cumulus cloud. 

These definitely are cumulus clouds. 

I will try to avoid boring you any further with pretty cloud pictures but I'm not making any promises.
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  1. gorgeous light, gorgeous clouds, gorgeous photos!! thank you!

  2. Well Thank you Elayne!

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